9 Litter Box Benches You Should Check Out

You do your best to spoil your cat, giving them everything they could ever want. Now, you’re thinking of adding a litter box bench to their luxe collection of accessories. The problem is, with so many options on the market, you’re not exactly sure where to start.

9 Litter Box Benches You Should Check OutIf that’s your dilemma, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve scoured the Internet to bring you nine litter box benches you won’t want to miss. No matter the color or style of your home décor, you should find a bench on this list to match. All that and your kitty will be happy, too!

Let’s get started.

What Is a Litter Box Bench?

You may be reading this article wondering, what’s a litter box bench? We’ll tell you. Litter box benches are a type of enclosed litter box. They have holes or openings large enough for fully-grown cats to slip in and out.

In the bench, you add a plastic litter tray and some of your cat’s favorite litter. There, the cat can make waste. They get more privacy than usual and you don’t have to look at or smell an unsightly litter box. Both human and kitty win.

You get yet more benefits to a litter box bench. These blend right into your home décor, even augmenting the look of a room. Your cat might feel more secure since they can use an enclosed space to go potty. Litter box benches also obscure the smell of bathroom waste decently enough.

Ready to start browsing litter box benches? Here are our top nine picks that will get your cat saying meow!

1. Sweet Barks Designer Cat Litter Box Bench

One of the most preferred litter box benches on Amazon comes from Sweet Barks. Their bench measures 37 inches by 21 inches by 22 inches. You do have to assemble it yourself, but you get an instruction manual as well as all the tools for the job with your order.

You’ll love the sleek black design of this bench, which has cat face-shaped openings on either side. With a spacious interior, you can even fit a kitty sofa or a pet bed in there if you don’t want your cat to use this bench as a bathroom.

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2. Merry Pet Cat Washroom Bench

Another great pick you might consider is Merry Pet’s cat washroom bench. This comes in two colors, pure white or an appealing, deep walnut. No matter the color you pick, this mid-sized bench measures 21.3 inches by 37.4 inches by 22.6 inches. It weighs 57.4 pounds.

The window-shaped opening for your cat has a circular top so your kitty never bumps their head or scrapes against the opening. There’s a single entrance, so keep that in mind when you add this bench to your living room or entertainment room.

The partition wall comes off so you can get in the box for quick and easy cleanup. With a wide base and a tall stature, Merry Products says their bench can fit all sorts of litter boxes inside. This even includes bigger, automatic boxes.

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3. unipaws Designer Cat Washroom Storage Bench

We also quite like this designer cat litter box bench from unipaws. The exterior measures 20.24 inches tall, 21.26 inches deep, and 29.61 inches wide. Inside, there’s tons of room for kitty to roam and do their business. The interior has a height of 16.62 inches, a depth of 18.78 inches, and a width of 7.87 inches.

You can select from two hues for your unipaws bench: black or white. You can also get the bench in an end table or nightstand style. The measurements for the smaller bench are 26.6 inches tall, 20.9 inches deep, and 19 inches wide for the exterior. The interior height is 17.9 inches, the depth 19.7 inches, and the width 16 inches.

The longer, bigger bench has a lid you can open to lean down and clean out the box. The opening should provide space for even bigger cats to navigate their way in and out. If you get the nightstand-style bench, there’s an extra shelf above the opening for books or magazines.

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4. New Age Pet ecoFLEX

As an Amazon’s Choice product, New Age Pet’s ecoFLEX will beautify your home while improving your cat’s life, too. The exterior measurements include a height of 22 inches, a width of 18.5 inches, and a length of 23.6 inches. Inside the box, it’s 20.5 inches tall, 17.1 inches wide, and 21.1 inches long.

Kitty has a 7.9 by 7.9-inch opening for getting in the box. This rectangular cat-friendly opening gives them plenty of space for maneuvering. The ecoFLEX installs quickly and easily with no need for tools. If your cat happens to urinate in the bench rather than in their litter box, don’t stress. You can just clean it away with a bit of water.

With its end table size and style, you can select from several appealing hues for the ecoFLEX. These include russet brown, light gray, dark gray, espresso (black), and antique white. All have side openings for stashing mail, books, and other slim documents.

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5. Arf Pets Designer Enclosed Cat Bench

Classy, chic, and quite appealing, the Arf Pets designer cat bench would make any kitty happy. This tall bench measures 25.2 inches high, 20.9 inches deep, and 19.9 inches wide. Once kitty climbs through the angular opening, they get a space that’s 17.1 inches tall, 19 inches deep, and 17.4 inches wide.

When it comes time to clean up kitty’s messes, you can just open the bench door via a little metal handle. You can also reach through the cat opening and clean that way if you’re so inclined. Arf Pets says installation should go pretty fast, so you can have this cat bench up and ready to use in no time.

The manufacturer also included a bonus storage shelf. This way, you can easily keep TV remotes, books and magazines, and even cat supplies like treats and brushes handy.

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6. The Refined Feline Litter Box Bench

Do you have a more refined kitty? If so, then you need to get them The Refined Feline’s bench. It’s got that high-class kind of look that will match your home décor and your cat’s upscale tastes. The box measures 20 inches deep, 28 inches high, and 27.5 inches wide. In the bench, kitty has a depth of 17 inches, a height of 20 inches, and a width of 25 inches to go potty.

You can reverse the walls as necessary so you cat can enter from the right or left side of the bench. You’ll also find a top storage drawer for keeping your favorite items close by. There’s no need for you to put a litter box in this bench, as one comes built in. This internal plastic litter tray has high walls and an included liner. You can pull it right out when you want to empty and clean it.

The Refined Feline’s bench comes in three colors: smoke (white), mahogany, and espresso (black).

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7. BBVilla Wooden Pet House and Litter Box Bench

Do you have a tiny cat and thus need a smaller litter box bench to match? If so, try this one from BBVilla. It’s 17.75 inches tall, 15.5 inches wide, and 19.75 inches long, so it shouldn’t take up too much room in your home. Your cat should weigh at least 16.5 pounds or less to use it.

It takes about a half hour to put together this wooden litter box bench. With six small windows for aeration and a huge 12-inch opening, your cat will have no trouble getting in the box. The opening is longer and taller than most of the others on this list.

BBVilla made their litter box bench from high-density wooden board that’s 0.59 inches thick. It’s designed to avoid damage from heat as well as general wear and tear. You can even use this for a dog house if you’d prefer.

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8. Mable Ruth Ottoman Litter Box Enclosure

Who says your litter box enclosure has to look like a table? This one from Mable Ruth resembles an ottoman, and a sleek one at that. Covered in an appealing leather, this sizable enclosure weighs 9.4 pounds and measures 16 inches tall, 19.5 inches wide, and 24 inches long.

It can support 175 pounds of weight, so feel free to sit on it when your cat’s not in there going to the bathroom. With a design made to reduce unpleasant scents and prevent your cat from slipping, this modern home addition looks great, too.

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9. Internet’s Best Decorative Cat House and Litter Box Enclosure

Our last pick for awesome litter box enclosures comes from Internet’s Best. With a name like that, you know you’ll get something good. Their appealing litter box bench and cat house has an exterior height of 20.25 inches, a depth of 20 inches, and a width of 19 inches. The interior of the box measures 18 inches high, 19 inches deep, and 17.5 inches wide.

Internet’s Best stains all the wood used for this litter box bench for a pleasing finish. You get two wood colors to choose from: white or black. The wide top of the box makes it ideal for keeping all sorts of things, such as drinking glasses, a lamp, a potted plant, books, and other odds and ends.

The inclusion of a triangular-shaped opening lets your kitty get in the enclosure with ease. There’s also a cat door you can open for cleaning. If you don’t want your cat to use the enclosure for bathroom purposes, this litter box bench also doubles as a very chic cat bed.

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Which of these was your favorite? Do you think you just found your cat’s next litter box bench? Let us know in the comments!