Best Litter Box Attractants (And Should You Use One at All)

If training your kitty to use the litter box hasn’t worked out yet, why not incentivize them with litter box attractants?

Does your cat sometimes still pee outside of their litter box despite looking and fixing all possible issues? This is probably a big headache for you, especially if it happens somewhat regularly. Cleaning up all that mess each time gets old fast, after all.

Best Litter Box Attractants (And Should You Use One at All) So, what's a litter attractant anyway?

You put these additives in your kitty’s litter box. A little goes a long way towards getting your cat interested in urinating and defecating in there. You can repeat the process as long as needed until your feline friend has gotten the hang of using his or her litterbox.

If you’re looking for litter box attractants for your cat, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll share some of our favorites, all available on Amazon. With many brands covered, surely you can find a product that will make you and your cat’s lives easier.

Also, make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom for our Q&A section! If you’re having a tough time getting kitty to use their box, you won’t want to miss it.

(And just in case you won't make it all the way there, we'll say it here too: If your cat started to avoid the litter box, you need to call your vet and schedule an appointment. More likely than not, there's a medical issue in the background which you'll need to resolve before trying a litter attractant).

The Best Litter Box Attractants

These four attractants are available on Amazon. You're just a click away from ordering some to add to your litter box.

Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Litter Additive

When it comes to cat litter box attractants, few brands come more highly-recommended than Dr. Elsey’s. Their litter attractant is available in a 20-ounce bottle that should last you about three months. You only need to sprinkle a bit of this product to cover most of Kitty’s litter, about 100 pounds. Wow, one little bottle really takes you far!

Dr. Elsey’s attractant should get your cat back in their litter box, keeping them from making waste in your house. With all-natural herbs, the smell of this product isn’t particularly strong to us people. It’s pleasing to your cat, though, and lures them where they should be.

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Fresh Step Litter Box Attractant

If you already use Fresh Step products for your kitty, then you’ll quite like their litter box attractant as well. You get nine ounces of their powder formula per can. This is another herbal product that’s all-natural. There’s no chemicals, deodorants, and perfumes to irritate your cat or leave odors around the house you don’t want.

When you apply fresh litter to your cat’s box, mix in some of this attractant while you’re at it. Fresh Step says to use “a generous amount,” so don’t get stingy if you want results. Whether you have a new cat you’re potty-training or a senior kitty who’s having a hard time figuring out where to make waste, this product should help.

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Simple Solution Cat Litter Attractant

A vet-recommended product, Simple Solution’s attractant also uses an herbal blend that won’t irritate your cat. Remember, a happy cat is one that should want to use its litter box. You’ll be happier too with no lingering attractant smells around the house.

Unlike the other litter box attractants thus far, where you can just add some product to your cat’s litter box and walk away, you have to make sure this one is well-blended. Always use Simple Solution with fresh litter then.

The herbs in this product contribute to what Simple Solution calls an “earthy air” that will make your cat want to climb back into their litter box. Sounds good to us!

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Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Attract Scoopable Litter

Our final pick isn’t solely a cat attractant. It’s a cat attractant and a litter. Rather than mix the additive to the litter, just use an all-in-one solution that will get your kitty running back to their box.

This litter from Dr. Elsey’s comes in two sizes: 20 pounds and 40 pounds. Mostly free of dust (99.5 percent), the litter will appeal to your kitty like no other. Like Dr. Elsey’s attractant products, it’s an herbal litter that’s all-natural.

The particle size and texture of the litter was designed to make kitty want to climb in their box and get down to business. Us humans will like that the litter clumps, making it easier to clean up kitty’s messes. You also get more bang for your buck. Clumping litter lasts longer since you replace only the clumps when kitty goes to the bathroom.

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The Litter Attractant FAQ

Why won’t my cat use its litter box?

Your cat may avoid his or her litter box for a myriad of reasons.

The first thing you simply must rule out - or treat - is a possible medical issue. In most cases, litter-box avoidance is the result of a medical problem, usually related to the urinary tract. Only your veterinarian can diagnose the problem and offer the right treatment.

Do not delay vet care. Take Kitty to the vet as soon as you see her miss the box - even once. It's always best to treat the medical issue before things deteriorate, or a behavioral fixation develops around another spot in your home.

We really can't stress this enough. Litter box avoidance means you MUST take your cat to the vet as soon as possible. You can read this if you're still not convinced.

Other reasons for inappropriate elimination in cats

In healthy cats, a dirty litter box could cause litter box avoidance. Make sure there is always an available clean litter box for each of your cats to use. Yes, that means having more litter boxes than cats and cleaning them often.

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How often should you clean the litter box?

Also, sometimes it just comes down to a cat’s personal tastes. They have their own preferences for litter, box style, and box location just like you do. You may need to make gradual changes in the box or litter. See more here-

How to choose the right litter box for your cat

The 7 Types of cat litter you have to know about

And remember, Kitty's needs may change over the years. If your feline friend has turned 7 or 8, maybe it's time to consider a better litter box for your senior cat.

What should you do if your cat eats its litter or the attractant?

If your kitty treats their litter box like a lunch buffet, you have to quickly figure out why. Then you can curb this unpleasant behavior.

Perhaps they have a natural curiosity that incentivized them to take a nibble of the stuff. Other cats might try to make up for a vitamin deficiency by eating their litter. Younger kittens could have to learn the hard way that litter isn’t a tasty snack, but older cats shouldn’t eat what’s in their box. If you catch them doing so, you should schedule a vet appointment. This behavior could occur because of an underlying medical condition.

In fact, no matter the age of your cat, they need to see a vet if you know they’ve eaten litter and attractant. Most litter won’t cause any health problems, but clumping litter can. Since it absorbs so well, your cat’s health is at risk. They could develop intestinal blockages and/or choke on the clumps.

Seeing as how many brands make their attractants using natural products, your cat eating this shouldn’t be fatal. Regardless, if kitty ingests anything inedible, you need to get them cleared by a vet ASAP.

Whether you have a kitten or a senior cat that won’t go in their box, we hope these attractants will change your situation for the better.