9 Best Non-Tracking Cat Litters

Is cat litter turning up in unexpected places around your home? It's a familiar issue many cat owners face. The solution might just be switching to non-tracking cat litter.

While no litter guarantees zero traces, some promise minimal tracking. This article breaks down the top performers in the non-tracking and low-tracking litter game.

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Learn what sets these litters apart and why they might be the answer to your scattered litter woes. Intrigued? Let's get into the specifics.

What Makes a Litter Non-Tracking?

For the most part, litter is tracked when it attaches to your cat’s paw or furs and falls off in another part of the home.

There are three basic qualities that non-tracking litters have that can keep them from sticking to your cat.


Heavier litters are less likely to be tracked through your home than lightweight ones. This is because the granules fall off your cat’s paws as they lift them.

So, if you choose between lightweight or regular-weight cat litter, stick with the regular formula.

Granule Size

Small granules can more easily hide in between your cat’s toes or on their fur. For that reason, you want to look for cat litter with larger granules.

As you’ll see on our list, many of the best non-tracking cat litter are pellets. This is because of their large size that easily falls from your cat.


When your cat uses the litter box, some litter will get wet from urine.

Certain materials will be sticky when wet, making them more likely to move with your cat instead of falling back into the litter box.

How to Switch to a Non-Tracking Litter

Switching to a non-tracking Litter isn't always easy. If your new choice resembles your cat's current litter, the transition may be seamless.

Some cats aren't fussy and adapt instantly. However, for most, a gradual shift is recommended.

Start by sprinkling the non-tracking litter atop the regular one. Over time, increase the proportion of the new litter.

If your cat resists, restart the transition, proceeding even more gradually. Patience is crucial, especially with older cats resistant to change.

If they reject entirely the new litter, consider another non-tracking option closer to their preference in texture and scent.

Let's discuss the top non-tracking cat litter available in the following sections.

Best Non-Tracking Clay Cat Litters

If you prefer clumping, clay-based cat litter, then these non-tracking litter options are for you.

Remember that while clay litter has some advantages, there are also drawbacks, such as its negative environmental impact.

1. Dr. Elsey's Ultra Premium Cat Litter

A feline-only veterinarian with years of experience working with cats designed this cat litter.

Click here to see this Dr. Elsey’s ultra-premium cat litter on Amazon.

So, it's safe to say he knows what he's talking about when he says this is "the litter cats love."

Because this formula is dust-free and fast clumping, Dr. Elsey's Ultra Premium cat litter is a low-tracking clay cat litter that many cats and owners love.

2. Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract

Another formula by the same company, this clay litter has added natural herbs to encourage your cat to scratch and use the litter box.

Click here to see this Dr. Elsey's cat attract-premium cat litter on Amazon.

It's perfect for picky cats or when you're training a kitten to use the litter box for the first time.

Like his other formula, Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract is considered non-tracking, though the added herbs may encourage extra interest in the box that can lead to over-enthusiastic digging.

3. Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal

The last non-tracking clay litter we will go over is made by a company known for cleaning products.

Click here to see this Arm & Hammer clump and seal litter on Amazon.

With the addition of baking soda, this litter is designed to keep your home free from odors for up to seven days.

Because of its fast clumping action, Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal keeps wet litter contained so it doesn't get stuck to your cat's paw or fur.

Biodegradable Non-Tracking Cat Litter

We recommend choosing from one of these biodegradable cat litters. They're better for your cat and the environment.

They're made with sustainable resources, many using waste materials that would have been thrown out otherwise.

Not all biodegradable cat litter is non-tracking, so we picked a few for you to consider.

1. SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter

If you're looking for a biodegradable litter that's also clumping, this is a great option.

Click here to see this SmartCat all-natural clumping litter on Amazon.

It clumps even better than clay litter, which is part of what allows it to be low-tracking.

The naturally occurring gluten in grass seeds allows this kind of litter to clump well and control odors. It's also dust-free, so the litter stays in the box.

2. Nature's Miracle Corn Cob Litter

Corn cobs are typically thrown out since they're not useful for much. But, they get a second life by turning them into cat litter.

The benefit to you is it's an all-natural clumping cat litter with "tough odor" control.

Click here to see this Nature's Miracle corn cob litter on Amazon.

For fast clumping action that helps keep litter contained, Nature's Miracle Corn Cob Litter is an excellent option for many cat owners.

It can absorb twice as much liquid as clay litter, allowing you to use less and save more money.

3. Meowgic Paws Cat Litter

A popular choice among feline enthusiasts, Meowgic Paws Cat Litter boasts properties that make it a contender in the non-tracking category.

Click here to see this Meowgic Paws cat litter on Amazon.

Made from bentonite, it's lightweight and flushable, simplifying the cleaning process for cat owners.

Its unique composition ensures rapid clumping, reducing the chances of litter sticking to your cat's paws.

Other Non-Tracking Cat Litters

The last two non-tracking litters on our list are considered crystal litters. They're made of silica, a quartz, sand, and glass compound.

This compound is formed in cat litter into tiny crystals that can absorb up to 5 times as much liquid as clay litter.

Because they rapidly absorb liquid, odor from urine is trapped immediately, and solid waste is quickly dried out.

1. PetSafe ScoopFree Premium

Although designed specifically to work with the PetSafe self-cleaning litter system, you can use this crystal cat litter in any litter box.

Click here to see these PetSafe ScoopFree crystal litter tray refills on Amazon.

If you use it with the system, the bags are already portioned to fit. Otherwise, you can just add the right amount to your cat's pan.

PetSafe ScoopFree Premium is a great non-tracking option with incredible odor control.

Click here to see this PetSafe ScoopFree premium blue crystal litter on Amazon.

One bag can last one cat for up to one month before it needs to be replaced, so its higher price tag may be worth it.

2. Ultra Pet Micro Crystals

If your cat prefers smaller granules, you may want to use this cat litter. The fine granules resemble sand, which many cats love.

Despite the small granule size, they're rarely tracked through the house.

Ultra Pet Micro Crystals will help any cat who prefers soft litter and owners who hate dealing with litter box odors.

Click here to see this Ultra micro crystals cat litter on Amazon.

It's also easy on the wallet since one bag can last a month for a single cat.

Need More Litter Tracking Prevention Help?

Now you know a few of the best non-tracking cat litter, broken down by category.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to find one that works for you and your cat.

If you’re still worried about having litter tracked around your home, don’t forget to check out our post with 16 tracking prevention tips for cat owners.

You’re sure to find at least one that will solve your problem!

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9 Best Non-Tracking Cat Litters

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