Booda Dome Litter Box – Aesthetic and Practical

The Booda Dome Litter Box – also called Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome – is not your ordinary litter box with a hood.  The design of the Booda Dome litter box is takes covered litter boxes to a different level offering your cat a round sleek box with its own set of stairs. The stairs are there not just for aesthetic reasons – they are a way to prevent excessive litter tracking as Kitty walks out of the box.

What is The Booda Dome Litter Box?

The Booda Dome is a round igloo-shaped covered litter box that’s designed to handle excessive litter tracking.

Litter tracking is what happens when your cat jumps out of the litter box, carrying small granules of litter on his paws and dropping them off around the box.  The Booda Dome Litter Box was designed to stop – or greatly reduce – that phenomenon .  That’s done by creating a kitty staircase into – and out of – the round box.

The Booda Dome Litter Box has of carbon filters that absorb some of the smell while keeping the box ventilated. The system is made of easy-to-clean plastic so there would be no staining and the odor won’t stick to the product once you clean it.

The Booda Dome Litter Box also has a handle on top of to make it easier for you to take it off for cleaning.

The Booda is available in two elegant colors – brushed nickel and titanium (which is close to beige). Petmate’s choice of colors along with the unique shape makes for a particularly attractive litter box that you can place anywhere in your home.

How Big is The Booda Dome Litter Box?

It only comes in one size. The dimension are 22.5” x 22.5” (it is circular after all) and 19″ tall. That’s fairly large for any litter box. Just keep in mind that the dome is round too, so the overall volume is not what you would get from a box shape of the same dimensions. Larger is good for your cat but keep in mind this also takes up space in your home so think ahead of time about where you’re going to place this one.

Does The Booda Dome Litter Box Really Eliminate Tracking And Litter On The Floor?

We have to be honest here and say that – based on many reviews – the Booda Dome Litter Box only minimizes tracking and the litter that ends up on the floor. The little stairs of the Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome do help in keeping the litter off the floor to some extent but eventually, some litter will find its way out and down the steps. Tracking is also not completely eliminated but at least it isn’t so bad as with other cat litter boxes.


The Booda Dome Litter Box – Pros and Cons

Having gone through many reviews, we bring you the essence of the pros and cons of this uniquely-shaped box.

The Pros

  • Reduced litter tracking (not zero but far less than what you’d get with a regular box).
  • No litter gets kicked out. This is an issue with some covered boxes where the cat manages to kick litter out of the front. The Booda prevents that.
  • A pretty design.
  • Good sized box

The cons

The large size is a plus but for some people it may be too big

Issues with urine leaking out. If your cat sprays in the box, the Booda may not be leak-proof enough to contain the urine. Some owners of the box resorted to laying pee pads underneath it to absorb leaking urine.

The hood doesn’t snap unto the box.  While that makes for easy removal for cleaning purposes, it also means the cover gets knocked off occasionally.

Booda Dome Litter Box

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