Can You Mix Clay And Crystal Litter?

Diving into the world of cat care, many wonder if they should mix clay and crystal litter for their feline friends.

Cats indeed fill our lives with joy, from their mischievous pranks to the warm snuggles on a chilly evening.

But, the litter box? That's a different story. Through our research, we've unearthed some surprising findings.

Mixing might not be the best move. Why? Crystals quickly absorb the urine, leaving the clay pebbles useless and wasted.

Keep reading, and we'll share all the intriguing details and how it affects your cat's wellbeing.

Can You Mix Clay And Crystal Litter?

Box with special gel for cat toilet

Mixing clay and crystal litter does not pose a health issue and is not considered harmful to cats.

However, it is advisable not to combine the two different types of litter because the crystals will absorb the urine quicker than the clay pebbles, wasting the clay litter and scooping the litter box more difficult. 

Another reason why it is best to avoid mixing cat litter is that it changes the textures of the litter, which will detour some cats from using the litter box correctly. 

Word of caution: if you invest in crystal litters with health monitoring properties like Alpha Paw crystal litter.

It is imperative to use the litter as directed and without any other types of litter present in the box.

Because mixing different litters will not allow the health monitoring components to work to their full efficacy, resulting in unreliable health monitoring for your cat. 

The Alpha Paw litter crystals contain an indicator that responds to fluctuations in urine values such as blood, alkaline, bilirubin, or abnormal PH levels.

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Many cat parents who have cats struggling with health issues will select this brand to monitor their cats' health. 

Can You Mix Clumping And Non-Clumping Litter?

Yes, mixing clumping and non-clumping litters is possible.

However, it is not the best method, considering that non-clumping litters require the entire litter pan to be changed daily and clay clumping litters were designed for scooping the litter box twice per day.

Mixing the two types of litter will result in greater difficulty scooping the box because the clumping properties of the clay litter are lessened from the non-clumping litter.

Scooping cat poo in the cat litter

This will cause you to empty the box more often, which will add more waste to the landfills and require you to purchase cat litter more often. 

Pro tip:  Please note that most cats won't use a litter box with less than two inches of litter covering the bottom of the litter box.

Fill the litter box with at least two to three inches of clay litter for the best results.

Maintaining a consistent depth of litter is crucial to keep your cat using the box correctly.

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Can You Use Crystal Litter In The Regular Litter?

Do not mix crystal and regular litter in the same box.

The reason is that combining the crystals with the litter pebbles will cause each type of litter to work less effectively.

For example, when crystal and regular litters are combined, neither litter will work at its full efficacy.

Up close photo of a red cat scoop in the cat litter

Because the overlapping of the crystals and pebbles will only allow the crystals to absorb the urine, the litter pebbles will go unused.

Using both types of litter in the same box will result in cleaning the litter box and changing the litter more often, which will create additional unnecessary waste.

Please note that cats are creatures of habit. It is advisable to avoid changing their litter brands or mixing litter often because your cat will find it disruptive.

If your cat doesn't like the mixed litters' texture, they could avoid using the litter box altogether.

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What Can I Add To Non-Clumping Litter To Make It Clump?

There isn't a product that you could add to non-clumping litter to make it form clumps.

Because the clumping properties in clay cat litters are from bentonite sodium clay, which absorbs 60% of its weight in liquids, reduces the smell, and causes the litter to clump. 

Moreover, if you notice an overpowering urine odor emitting from your litter box, consider adding baking soda to absorb the moisture and reduce the urine scent.

Sprinkle the baking soda over the top of the cat litter, let the powder settle, and mix it into the litter with a scoop for the best results. 

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Is Crystal Litter Bad For Cats?

According to Pet MD, most crystal litters are manufactured from amorphous silica, which absorbs the urine and odors within seconds of contact with moistures.

The amorphous silica is deemed non-toxic to cats and humans, which means that crystal litters do not pose health concerns for your cats. 

A domestic shorthair patiently waiting for his owner while scooping poo

Unlike traditional non-clumping or clay cat litters, the silica crystals are dust-free and do not expand when in contact with moisture.

Also, crystal litter will not require you to change the litter box as often as clay or non-clumping varieties.

Most crystal cat litters will need the pet parent to scoop the box twice daily and only change the litter box once per month.

Please note, these guidelines could vary based on the brand. Always read the directions and follow up with your veterinarian with any questions.

Considerations For Using Crystal Litters With Kittens

Kittens will often eat small amounts of cat litter when using the litter box or learning to groom their paws.

If enough litter crystals or pebbles are ingested, it will cause gastrointestinal issues or, in some cases, death.

A box full of fresh new pellet type cat litter

If you suspect your cat has eaten any type of litter, don't hesitate to contact your veterinarian for further medical advice and instructions. 

Being prepared for the unexpected is part of a responsible pet parent's job.

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General Health And Safety Recommendations

When you clean or scoop your cat's litter box, always wear gloves for the best results.

Then, put the waste into a pet waste bag and toss it into a garbage receptacle.

Also, if you are dust sensitive or have respiratory issues like asthma, consider wearing a mask when cleaning or changing the litter box to avoid inhaling dust particles. 

Word of caution: if you or someone in your home is pregnant or may be pregnant.

Do not change or clean the litter boxes to avoid contact with Toxoplasma present in cat feces, which are toxic to pregnant people. 

Litter Insights: Making Informed Choices

Cats undoubtedly bring immense joy into our lives, and ensuring their comfort remains paramount.

Woman mixing some cat litter sand in the litter

As we mix our way through various cat care options, the question often arises: to mix or not to mix different litters?

As you've journeyed through this article, you've gained a deeper understanding of the nuances of cat litter choices.

Remember, the best decisions come from a place of knowledge.

We trust this guide has enlightened you, ensuring your feline friend's well-being and minimizing environmental impact.

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Woman mixing some cat litter sand in the litter, Can You Mix Clay And Crystal Litter?

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