The Miraculous Cat Genie Litter Box – Will It Work for You?

While there are numerous self-cleaning litter-boxes on the market, you still have to do some work. Once enough waste accumulates in the machine, you need to remove it from the waste compartment. The Cat Genie litter box offers a unique solution that – almost – means zero work cleaning your litter box. It flushes waste away to keep the litter clean and all you have to do is keep an eye on it and top up the cleaning solution and litter.

What is the Cat Genie Litter Box?Ginger cat looking at floor after cleaning himself, The Miraculous Cat Genie Litter Box - Will It Work for You?

The Cat Genie Litter Box claims that you will never have to touch any cat litter again. It is a self-cleaning, self-flushing litter box. This one is like a cat’s version of the human’s toilet. And it’s fully automatic – it flushes the waste away, cleans itself, and then dries itself – making itself ready to be used again.

An impressive aspect of this litter box is the washable litter – a type of litter the system uses again and again. This means you don’t need to change the litter at all. This washable litter looks like a regular granule cat litter but the only difference is, you don’t need to touch it or buy a new cat litter again.

How the Cat Genie Litter Box Works

The Cat Genie Litter Box features three (3) different settings:

  • Push Start: A mode that allows you to manually flush the system any time you decide it’s necessary.
  • Auto Start: A setting that lets you set up the system to clean and work by itself 1, 2, 3, or 4 times a day.
  • Cat Start: Initiates automatic cleaning 10-minutes after your kitty uses it. There’s no specific number of times the machine cleans itself during the day – it simply activates after each time your cat uses it.

Whichever mode you choose, the system will clean the litter accordingly when it’s time to do that. Hooked up to your water and drainage systems, the Cat Genie first scoops the litter for solids and then fills the bowl up with water to thoroughly wash the granules of urine. It will then heat dry the litter, getting it all ready for the next use.

How to Use the Cat Genie Litter Box

The Cat Genie Litter Box is hooked up into three connections – a cold water line, an electrical outlet, and a waste-water drain. The cold water line is the unit’s source of water for cleaning itself. The electrical outlet powers up the device. The drain is where the waste is delivered after clean-up; it could be your washer’s drain pipe or your toilet bowl.

You don’t need to buy separate items as the package comes with everything you need to install the Cat Genie Litter Box. There are instructions included with corresponding diagrams and pictures, so you won’t get lost while setting it up.

The product comes with the following specs and features:

  • Reusable litter made of biodegradable washable granules
  • Hookups to an electrical outlet wastewater drain and cold water line
  • SaniSolution soap cartridge
  • Power consumption: 20W (Cleaning Cycle)
  • Power consumption: 1200W (Drying Cycle)
  • Cleaning Cycle: 17 minutes
  • Drying Cycle: 17 minutes
  • Power Requirements (Europe): 230VAC, 50Hz (8A Fused)
  • Power Requirements (North America): 120 VAC, 60Hz (15A Fused)
  • Dimensions: 25.8” x 22.4” x 13.8”
  • Weight: 25 lbs (Base unit, 14 lbs; Processing unit, 11 lbs)
  • Package includes supplies good for 3 months for one cat or 2 months for two cats

Cat Genie Litter Box FAQs

Is this the 120 model?

Yes. The company has stopped manufacturing the 60 model.

How does this 120 model differ from the previous 60 model?

The Cat Genie Litter Box 120 is way better in all aspects than its predecessor the 60 model. It has a hair build-up prevention system packed in a better design and quality that keeps leakage from happening. The bowl is also redesigned to get make the most of the litter granules. Customers will find they have an easier time maintaining this current model.

How long are the sewer and water lines?

They are pretty long and can reach at least 5 feet.

I want to install another drain instead of making the unit drain into the main sewer system or into the toilet. Is it possible?

Most people connect the unit into their laundry room system; while others prefer the toilet because you can flush the waste with no odor. You can install a separate drain for this one but make sure it’s compatible with the hose. There’s also the risk of stinking odor if you’re not able to seal the drain well.

What users liked about the Cat Genie Litter Box

Most pet-parents are amazed by how well the Cat Genie works. One user said –

It was easy to put together and pretty easy to install. It seems to be picking up all their poop. My house smells great and I don’t have to worry about cleaning a litter box or having the house smell like a litter box because I forgot to clean it.

Another user reported how effective the unit is –

This changed my life. No more smell, no more handling poop, no more lugging heavy boxes of cat litter around. It actually scoops and disposes of feces, fills the bowl with water/sanitizer to wash the granules then dries the granules. It’s awesome.

It has paid for itself by now, as I don’t have to buy cat litter. In the 13 months I have owned it, I only have to clear one clog (took about 10min), and clean the water sensor once (3min.) This is expected maintenance. Other than that it just works. I love it.


What users didn’t like about the Cat Genie Litter Box

One thing other users have in common is their complaint about long cleaning cycles. One user noted –

…the cleaning cycle takes about 30 minutes so if you have multiple cats, you better hope they don’t all have to go at the same time (which happens if you feed them at the same time).


Cat Genie Litter Box Usage Tips

  • You might want to place a large tray below the unit to contain any leakage – which is pretty rare but just to be sure.
  • A cat mat might also help control tracking allowing you to trap these granules and add them back to the bowl.
  • Run the device manually if you see your cat’s poop and don’t have the automated cycle on.


For many cat owners, the Cat Genie Litter Box is the ultimate litter-box. Innovative and yet intuitive, this fully-automated device can run on its own for weeks and even months on end!

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