What Kind Of Cat Litter Can You Use For Rabbits? [Answered]

Rabbits are furry bundles of joy that provide a source of entertaining companionship for the whole family. If you are a responsible rabbit parent, you might explore the best types of litter for rabbits.

Is it okay to use scented litter for your rabbits? We've researched these questions and have found informative answers to share with you.

Exploring the Various Types of Rabbit-Safe Litter

There are several different types of litter recommended for rabbits. 

  • Corn pellets
  • Litters explicitly designed for rabbits
  • Newspaper litters
  • Straw bedding
  • Wheat pellets

Are you interested in learning more about rabbit-safe litters?  Perhaps you wonder if the environmentally friendly Yesterday's News cat litter will work for your rabbits' litter box?  Please continue reading this article; we have great information to share with you!

Cat litter box with wooden pellets and scoop on litter mat in bathroom, What Kind Of Cat Litter Can You Use For Rabbits?

What Kind Of Cat Litter Can You Use For Rabbits?

Choosing a healthy and safe litter for your rabbit is one of the most critical responsibilities of a pet parent. For the best results, only use litter manufactured for rabbits. Many cat litters contain clays, clumping agents, and fragrances, which are highly toxic for rabbits.

Suppose your rabbit ingests scented clumping cat litter pebbles. The additives and pebbles could cause a blockage in the rabbit's digestive system, which is life-threatening if untreated immediately. To prevent these issues, only purchase litters manufactured specifically for rabbits.

Fresh Cat Sand Pouring into a Yellow Litter Box

Here's a word of advice if you are new to rabbit care. Please do not hesitate to contact your rabbit breeder or veterinarian for litter recommendations or pet care questions.

Corn pellets

Natural Corn Cob Bedding offers an ideal bedding solution for your pet rabbit's litter box. Made entirely from USA-grown corn cob, this ultra-absorbent material ensures a clean and comfortable environment for your bunny.

Free from artificial dyes and fragrances, it guarantees your rabbit's safety while being eco-friendly — it's fully compostable post-use, providing a sustainable choice for your home and the planet.

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Litters for rabbits

The CareFresh environmentally-friendly litter is 99% dust-free and will provide twice the odor protection plain wood shavings provide. Also, this litter is 100% biodegradable, which means the waste is compost-friendly when you change the litter box.

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The Kaytee Critter litter for small animals is approved for ferrets, rats, and rabbits for potty training and regular litter box maintenance.

Made from non-toxic 100% bentonite with all-natural minerals, it will absorb ten times its weight in liquids, keeping your litter box odor-free. 

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Newspaper Pellet Litter

Fresh News litter is 99% dust-free, and the pellets are 100% non-allergenic. These pellets are manufactured from 100% post-consumer paper from recycling centers and are biodegradable when composted.

Moreover, it is great news for Mother Earth-less waste going into landfills!

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Straw is a great natural material for bedding or in the rabbits' litter box. The Blue Mountain straw bedding is 100% organic with zero additives.

After cleaning your rabbits' box, the straw waste is 100% compostable and great for adding to gardens.

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Wheat Based Pellet Litter

The Oxbow Pure Comfort eco-straw is dust and odor-free. It will absorb 300 percent of its weight in moisture because Oxbow uses technology to compress the wheat into highly absorbent pellets.

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What type of litter is best for rabbits?

Selecting a manufactured and vet-approved litter for rabbits is the best option because it does not have any traces of cedar, pine, or other materials that will harm the rabbits' health.

The American Humane Society suggested using the vet-recommended CareFresh litter to provide the best care possible for your rabbits.

Can you use wood-based cat litter for rabbits?

Rabbit using a litterbox

According to The House Rabbit Society, any wood-based aromatic litter should be avoided because the naturally occurring Phenols present in cedar and pine woods have proven to cause liver issues in rabbits.

However, wood chip litters with aromatic oils removed via kiln-burning extraction methods are considered safe for rabbits.

Most wood-based litters approved for rabbits are manufactured from Aspen trees because the tree species have significantly lower aromatic oils than Cedar or Pinewoods.

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The Kaytee wood pellet litter is made in the USA with 100% Aspen wood with aromatic oils and dust removed. Excellent for protecting your rabbits' health and reducing dust particles in your home or rabbit hutch.

Multiple rabbit households

Suppose you have more than one or two rabbits in your home. Controlling litter box odor will be a priority for keeping your rabbits' environment hygienic and safe.

Add multiple pet wood chips to your litter box to reduce those potent rabbit urine odors.

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Is scented litter bad for rabbits?

Scented litter is hazardous to the rabbits' respiratory health because the rabbits' lungs are irritated by the litter's fragrances. Also, rabbits exposed to scented litter will accidentally ingest tiny amounts of the litter when they eat hay or pellets.

Not only will bits of scented litter pebbles be toxic to the rabbits, but the litter could accumulate in the digestive system, forming a blockage.

Is clumping litter bad for bunnies?

Cat tray with clumping litter and scoop on wooden floor, top view

Never use clumping litters for rabbits because they could ingest tiny amounts of the litter with their food. Suppose the rabbit consumed small quantities of clumping cat litter for a few days. 

A dangerous blockage in the large intestines would develop, which would require immediate veterinarian care.

Is pellet litter safe for rabbits?

Young woman cleaning cat litter box with wood pellets in bathroom

According to The Society for Rabbits, compressed wheat or wood pellets are safe from rabbits. However, wood shavings are unsafe for rabbits because the rabbits could ingest slivers from the shavings.

Furthermore, slivers will get stuck in the rabbits' gums or lodge in the throat or stomach, which is incredibly painful for your rabbits.

Perhaps you are researching different types of litter for your rabbits and wonder if the litter box will attract pests. Click here to read "Does The Litter Box Attract Bugs?"

Can you use Yesterday's News cat litter for rabbits?

According to The Rabbit House Society experts, it is safe for rabbits and often used by many rabbit parents. Please note that the manufacturer, Purina, does not state the product is for rabbits. Instead, the Purina company markets the litter solely for cats.

Word of caution--Purina manufactures several varieties of Yesterday's News. Only purchase the unscented variety for your rabbits. As discussed earlier in this article, rabbits cannot tolerate scented litter.

Also, Purina recommends using a moisture-proof litter box and washing it thoroughly with soap and water between litter changes. Suppose you notice rabbit urine odors. Add a 1/2 cup of plain white vinegar to your soap and water to remove urine odors.

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Yesterday's News litter is 99% dust-free and the number one eco-friendly cat litter recommended by veterinarians.

Is it okay for rabbits to eat paper bedding?

No, the rabbits' digestive system is not able to digest paper. Instead, the rabbits can digest hay, grass, greens, and select vegetables. When rabbits consume paper, they develop a blockage in the intestines that will cause constipation or a rupture in severe cases.

Suppose you notice your rabbit exhibiting any of the following signs and symptoms. Immediately contact your vet or animal emergency services.

  • Refusing to eat hay or any greens
  • Swollen stomach
  • Trying to compress the stomach, hunching over, or exhibiting pain

Can you use a cat litter box for a rabbit?

Yes, you could use a cat litter box for a rabbit--provided the litter box was brand new.  Suppose a cat used the litter box-- do not use it for a rabbit.

The cross-species contamination from the cat urine will put your rabbit in contact with harmful bacteria and at risk for respiratory issues.

Only use a brand new litter box for your rabbit for the best results. Double-check to ensure that it isn't too large or small for your rabbit.

Suppose you have a small breed like a Netherland Dwarf. Purchase a kitten litter box to accommodate the rabbits' size.

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This litter box is stainless steel and will not absorb odors like plastic litter boxes.

Are you wondering where to put your litter box to keep it handy for your pets and out of your guests' sight? Click here to read Where Can You Hide the Litter Box (and Should You)?

Rabbit poop and peeing in litter box

In closing

Rabbits are excellent pets that will bring companionship to your home. In this article, we examined why selecting the correct type of litter for your rabbit is paramount to their overall health and well-being. We hope this article was helpful to you.

We know taking care of your pet is a priority. Before you go, please check out some of our other posts for further information about caring for your pets.

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