Cat Litter with Glade? Check out these novel products!

Cat litter on white litter box with scoop, Cat Litter with Glade? Check out these novel products!When it comes to selecting the best type of cat litter, one of your considerations should be the litter’s ability to neutralize odor. We know your cat’s excrement doesn’t smell like roses but, using cat litter with Glade can disperse fresh floral or outdoorsy scents throughout your home.

How do you choose the best scent for your home and your cat? We’ve researched how scented and unscented litters combat odors to find the answer for you.

Scented Litters

Scented litters promise to leave behind a fresh scent by covering the odor of excrement with either an artificial or natural additive fragrance. You can typically choose from a variety of scents like lavender, tropical breeze, or clear springs.

Unscented Litters

Unscented litters boast ultimate odor elimination by using odor absorbent additives like active charcoal or baking soda. The unscented litter does combat the smell of excrement from lingering throughout your home but, clean and soiled litters alike will generally smell like the material it is made from (clay, pine, corn, wheat, etc.).

Which Litter for Your Cat?

Most cat owners select litter with either unscented, odor elimination properties, or scented odor covering perfumes based on personal preferences.

What do cats think about litter scents? Although some studies suggest that cats might have an aversion to scented litters, the answer to what cats prefer is unclear. It seems that if the litter’s odor is overwhelming to you, it is probably overwhelming to your cat too.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best-scented litters with Glade to help with your selection. Let’s take a closer look at how these products can keep your litter box clean and smelling fresh.

1. Purina Tidy Cats LightWeight with Glade

Trusted products combine forces in Tidy Cats LightWeight litter to bring you Purina’s ultimate clumping power and Glade’s Tough Odor Solutions neutralization.

Clumping Cleaning Ease

Scoop with ease using Purina’s Tidy Cat natural clay, lightweight, clumping litter. Absorbent, low-dust clay efficiently soaks up urine, forming compact clumps durable enough for one, swift scoop. Tidy Cat’s LightWeight formula keeps the remaining, clean litter in the box dry.

Tough Odor Solutions Neutralize Unpleasant Smells

Odors dissipate beneath Glade’s Tough Odor Solutions scents. Tidy Cats LightWeight litter also contains an ammonia blocker to protect your home against lingering odors. Strong enough for multi-cat households.

Purina + Glade Offers You Two Fresh Scents

Try Tidy Cats LightWeight with Glade’s Clean Blossoms scent for an endless reminder of spring in your home.

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Try Tidy Cats LightWeight with Glade’s Clear Springs scent to bring the refreshing smell of the great outdoors into your home.

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2. Purina Tidy Cats Non-Clumping Litter with Glade

The search for a dust-free, non-clumping litter for your kitten or cat ends when you choose Purina’s Tidy Cats Non-Clumping Litter. Specially formulated for low tracking and odor neutralization, Tidy Cats Non-Clumping Litter makes litter box cleaning a breeze and leaves behind Glade’s fresh scent of Clear Springs.

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3. Purina Tidy Cats LightWeight Free & Clean Unscented

Get Purina’s powerful clumping capability in this specially formulated, low-dust, clay-based litter. Tidy Cats LightWeight Free & Clean Unscented keeps your litter box free from unwanted fragrances by using the combined efforts of activated charcoal and an ammonia blocker to prevent residual, excrement odors from infiltrating your home.

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Dealing With Litterbox Odors

You want your cat to have an inviting, pleasant experience in the litter box so, be mindful of the strength of the scent of litter you pour into the box.

You also want to keep unpleasant odors from lingering throughout your home. Frequently cleaning the litter box is the best way to combat unpleasant smells.

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