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Is the Littermaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box a good option for you?

“I love cleaning the litter box” said no cat owner ever. Clearly, a self-cleaning litter box is a fantastic concept but which one to choose? Today we’re going to look at one of the more popular options: The Littermaid Self-Cleaning litter box. We’ll talk about the various models available and see how they measure up to the task.

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The miraculous Cat Genie litter box – will it work for you?

While there are numerous self-cleaning litter-boxes on the market, you still have to do some work. Once enough waste accumulates in the machine, you need to remove it from the waste compartment. The Cat Genie litter box offers a unique solution that – almost – means zero work cleaning your litter box. It flushes waste away to keep the litter clean and all you have to do is keep an eye on it and top up the cleaning solution and litter.

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Scoopfree Litter Box Ultra

The ScoopFree Litter Box Ultra is a nifty kitty toilet that can clean itself without your supervision. Its innovative design simply works. You can leave this litter box running for at up to 30 days without refilling, cleaning or scooping!

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Nature’s Miracle Self Cleaning Litter Box

The Nature’s Miracle Self Cleaning Litter Box is an ideal solution if you’re looking for something that can work by itself without your constant supervision. This litter box is equipped with detection motion sensors that trigger the cleaning cycle so you can set it up to clean after each use.  An excellent solution if you have a litter box smell problem.

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