Does Pretty Litter Come With A Litter Box? [Answered]

Choosing new litter for your cat can be a complicated process. For example, do you want to try Pretty Litter but don't know if it comes with a box? Is this brand of cat litter worth trying?

In this article, we will cover Pretty Litter products and boxes. If you're new to this brand, have it at home, or need other tips and tricks, we're here to assist. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

Does Pretty Litter Come With A Litter Box?

Does Pretty Litter Include A Litter Box?

No. Currently, Pretty Litter products do not include a box. Since this brand focuses mainly on cat litter, it does not offer a bundle option with an additional box.

According to the brand, its litter products work best with boxes measuring around 16 inches long and 12 inches wide. Those are standard dimensions for a litter box, so your Pretty Litter should be compatible.

In addition, this brand suggests that the box you buy should be at least two inches deep. That will allow the formula to work as intended.

This brand also states that its products will be compatible if you have an automated box.

Can I Use Any Box With Pretty Litter?

As long as your container is 16 inches long, 12 inches wide, and two inches deep, it should be suitable for Pretty Litter products.

As we said, this brand recommends using a relatively common-size box with their products, so finding one won't be difficult.

Most litter box designs are around 16 x 12 x 2 inches because those are the ideal measurements for a single cat. Of course, if you have multiple cats sharing a litter box, you'll need to up the sizing.

This brand is lightweight, with a sand-like texture. The brand is known to make some of the better litter on the market, meaning your litter box won't significantly impact its effectiveness.

The size of a litter box is geared toward a cat's comfort. Cats will use the bathroom anywhere they can bury their waste, so litter should be about two inches deep in a box.

If your litter box isn't deep enough, this could create issues for your cat and its ability to do its business correctly and then hide it.

Does Pretty Litter Come With A Litter Box?

Does One Bag Fill A Litter Box?

Yes! Following the above measurement guidelines for using these products, you'll only need one bag for each fill. Pretty Litter comes in a package measuring six or eight pounds.

Filling The Box

The six-pound bag should be enough to fill the bottom of your 16 x 12 x 2-inch litter box, with the eight-pound bag leaving extra for next time.

Additionally, Pretty Litter offers bundles of two six-pound bags you can have delivered to your front door, as well as single bags.

The brand boasts that its litter products are "up to 80% lighter than natural clay and traditional clumping litters," which explains why a bag that feels small can still fill out a standard-size container.

Lightweight Formula

One reason for this lightweight formula is that it is made with silica gel crystals. These help absorb liquids, solids, and other wastes your cat produces inside the litter box, keeping the surrounding area fresh.

Using less Pretty Litter per fill is also recommended, as the brand claims its formula is powerful in small amounts. Again, every cat is different, so some may prefer an extra inch of litter, while others are fine with the standard two inches.

You can test different amounts of Pretty Litter in your cat's box and see what he responds best to.

How Long Will An Eight-Pound Bag Last?

A single eight-pound bag of Pretty Litter should last three weeks to one month in an average-sized box. This can quickly become expensive for those with more than one cat or larger, deeper litter boxes.

You can try using closer to two-and-a-half or three inches of Pretty Litter inside your cat's container to make it last four weeks. That gives your litter a deeper, broader coverage inside the litter box, which means it stays fresh longer.

One drawback to this brand is that it isn't your "normal" litter, which may come in a 25-50 pound container that lasts months.

Instead, you can shop through third-party retailers or set up a subscription on Pretty Litter's website. Either way, you should budget $24-$72 monthly for your cat's Pretty Litter.

How Many Bags Will I Use Each Month?

Although this can depend on the cat, you shouldn't need more than one bag of Pretty Litter per cat monthly. We recommend scooping out clumped litter sections between refills and placing them in a garbage can.

Cat litter, regardless of brand, should be cleaned weekly, if not more often, so this is a routine you'll need to create for your cat's litter container.

This becomes even more crucial if multiple cats use the litter box. Pretty Litter, although powerful, cannot be expected to last for a month unless you occasionally clean it out and refresh the litter box when needed.

According to Pretty Litter, you also need to follow their one-bag-per-cat guideline for best results, meaning multiple cats may need multiple bags.

Do Experts Recommend Pretty Litter?

Yes, licensed veterinarians and animal researchers have recommended Pretty Litter.

Because of its fast-acting, effective formula, Pretty Litter has become popular among cat owners. Vets and animal specialists recommend Pretty Litter to cats of all ages and sizes.

One cat owner tested Pretty Litter and found that the product is soft on cat paws and good at keeping odors low. It can also alert you if there's a health problem with your pet.

Of course, you want to closely monitor the situation, seeing what color your pet's litter changes to after 24 hours.

This is a part of Pretty Litter's health monitoring feature. The litter comes with guidelines on colors for different cat problems based on their pee, poop, and other waste.

Experts also back Pretty Litter for being effective and alerting pet owners of potential issues with their cat's health.

This brand is also recommended as a lightweight, easy-to-clean choice for cat owners, as its silica gel crystals are different from traditional granules.

Of course, if you're on the fence about Pretty Litter and want to get feedback from your vet, that's fine. At your pet's next check-up or vaccination, you can ask for an opinion on the product and go from there

Choosing The Right Box: Summing Up

Whether you're a new cat owner or want to switch up your pet's litter, Pretty Litter is a great product with many unique features. However, we found that the brand does not include a box, so you'll need to purchase one separately.

We recommend a container that's at least 16 inches long, 12 inches wide, and two inches deep. This will allow the Pretty Litter to correctly fill the box. The litter should last three to four weeks.

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