7 Extra Large Litter Boxes That Can Fit Your Large Cat

Are you struggling with a large cat that just can't seem to fit into conventional litter boxes? Perhaps you are constantly cleaning up after your cat because they refuse to use their cramped quarters. Are you in a constant search for extra large litter boxes?

Then this article is for you. We have sifted through numerous products on the market to bring you a list of seven extra-large litter boxes that can comfortably fit your big fur friend. These litter boxes are roomy, designed to accommodate larger cats, and are sure to alleviate your feline's struggle with confined spaces.

We will provide details for each of these products including their specifications and features, and answer your burning questions about accommodating large cats. So, keep reading if you want to transform your cat's litter experience, reduce your cleaning chores, and make everyone a lot happier in the process.

Your quest for the perfect large litter box starts here!

Your Big Kitty Deserves Big Comfort

Whether you've chosen a larger breed or your little friend has packed on a few extra pounds, your house is graced by a substantially sized kitty.

It's time you upgraded to something more spacious and comfortable for your oversized fur buddy.

We've taken the liberty to scour Amazon for extra large litter boxes that fit the bill. These larger-than-life boxes have been crafted keeping big kitties in mind.

With roomy dimensions (exceeding 22 by 17 by 5 inches) and generous entrances, these boxes aim to end your cat's struggle for space.

Also, make sure you read all the way to the end so you don’t miss our helpful FAQs section!

7 Extra Large Litter Boxes That Can Fit Your Large Cat

Extra Large Litter Boxes for Your Big Cat

Extra Large Litter Box #1: Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box

As a top seller on Amazon, the Catit jumbo hooded litter box has very high ratings. It’s 18 inches tall, 20 inches wide, and 22 inches long. Inside, you get a pan that’s 20 inches wide, 18.3 inches tall, and 22.4 inches long.

That should give your cat plenty of space to do their business, even if you have a particularly rotund feline.

In fact, you get such a sizable box that Catit mentions that more than one cat can use it. With a built-in carbon filter, those urine and poop odors won’t float into the other rooms of the house.

When the cleanup time inevitably comes around, you can flip open the big hood and get rid of the mess. Cats love the hood too since it gives them privacy.

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Extra Large Litter Box #2: MEEXPAWS Cat Litter Box

Discover the MEEXPAWS Cat Litter Box Enclosure: an elegant, spacious (36 x 20 x 20 inches) solution that doubles as a chic storage cabinet. Crafted from luxury PVC leather, it seamlessly blends into your decor, while keeping the litter box out of sight.

Inside, the waterproof material ensures easy clean-up, and an adjustable divider offers versatile storage options. This foldable, sturdy piece supports up to 200 lbs with the divider or 100 lbs without it.

With the MEEXPAWS Enclosure, give your cat the private space they love for their business. Note: Stainless steel litter box not included.

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Extra Large Litter Box #3: Stainless Steel Litter Box with High Side

Introducing the WoofiGo Stainless Steel Litter Box: an XXL, high-sided haven (23.5" X 15.6" X 13") that's perfect for large cats and multi-cat households. Crafted from high-quality ABS and stainless steel, it resists residue and odors, making cleanup a breeze.

Its unique, 13" high wall design prevents messes by keeping litter and urine contained. A tracking-proof pedal further ensures cleanliness, even with playful felines.

A secure buckle ensures the high wall stays firmly attached, eliminating worries of disassembly. Experience an odor-free environment with WoofiGo – it could be the last litter box you'll ever need. For any queries, reach out to our dedicated WoofiGo team.

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Extra Large Litter Box #4: So Phresh Charcoal Shatter Shield High-Back Cat Litter Box

Unveiling the So Phresh Charcoal Shatter Shield High-Back Cat Litter Box (24" L X 18" W X 10" H). It's a thoughtful blend of eco-conscious design, being composed of 50% recycled materials, and practicality, ensuring cleanliness in your home.

Its high-back structure effectively contains both litter scatter and cat spray, protecting the surroundings from messes. The easy step-in front entrance allows effortless entry and exit for your cat.

Crafted from sturdy and durable plastic, this So Phresh Litter Box caters to your feline's habits while maintaining a clean and pleasant home environment.

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Extra Large Litter Box #5: Amazon Basics No-Mess Hooded Corner Cat Litter Box

Introducing the Amazon Basics No-Mess Hooded Corner Cat Litter Box (26 in x 20 in x 23 in), uniquely shaped to fit effortlessly into corners, optimizing your living space.

Crafted with a robust molded plastic construction, this litter box exhibits a triangular design that's both practical and aesthetic. Its hooded form helps contain litter scatter and leaks, promoting cleanliness.

Boasting a removable top, it simplifies cleaning and litter-changing tasks. Plus, a charcoal filter is incorporated to neutralize unwanted odors, ensuring a fresh home environment.

Adopt this solution to meet your feline's needs while maintaining a tidy living space.

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Extra Large Litter Box #6: Petaphabet Jumbo Hooded Litter Box with Lid

Cats might not see colors very well, but you can, and that’s why we recommend this Petaphabet jumbo hooded litter box. Also, did we mention it’s an Amazon’s Choice product? It measures 16.5 inches tall, 20 inches wide, and 24.8 inches long. Kitty can climb right in via an opening that’s 8.2 inches by 7.8 inches.

We have to talk about the wealth of bright, fun colors available with this Petaphabet litter box. There’s vivid purple, eye-catching hot pink, and summery lime green. The non-stick antimicrobial surfaces combine the best of both worlds. Now your cat won’t spread litter and their waste will smell less obvious.

With a curved design, your cat should have the space to do their thing comfortably. The transparent lid lets you see how much mess has built up so you can clean up as necessary. Petaphabet says you can use this box even if you have more than one cat.

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Extra Large Litter Box #7: Richell PAW TRAX High Wall Cat Litter Box XL

Welcome to the Richell PAW TRAX High Wall Cat Litter Box XL. A large, multi-colored plastic litter box engineered specifically for our feline friends, boasting generous dimensions of 27"L x 18"W x 12.5"H. It’s robust enough to handle cats up to 17.6 lbs., or households with multiple cats.

Our PAW TRAX litter box is outfitted with an Anti-Tracking Grate Step. This smart feature helps to remove excess litter from your cat’s paws, curtailing unwanted tracking and keeping your floors pristine.

Designed and made in the USA, the sleek silhouette of this litter box offers a contemporary alternative to traditional models. Perfect for multi-cat households, it's a thoughtful blend of functionality and style.

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Which breeds of cats are the biggest?

If you have any of the following cat breeds, you might want to consider an XL litter box:

  • American Bobtails: may weigh up to 16 pounds
  • Norwegian Forest cats: fully-grown males weigh between 10 and 20 pounds and fully-grown females eight to 18 pounds
  • Pixie Bobs: may weigh up to 18 pounds
  • Bengals: fully-grown females weigh up to 12 pounds and fully-grown males up to 15 pounds
  • Maine coons: 12 to 18 pounds, with males weighing more than females
  • Turkish vans: within five years, this cat can grow up to 20 pounds
  • Ragdolls: between 15 and 20 pounds
  • Ragamuffins: an altogether different breed that weighs between eight and 15 pounds for females and 12 to 20 pounds for males
  • Siberians: as a mid-sized cat, they can weigh up to 17 pounds

How do you know your litter box is too small?

Not sure if you should size up your cat’s litter box? We wrote a great guide on proper litter box-sizing for your cat. Here’s a recap of when it’s time to upgrade:

  • Your cat spreads litter outside of the box because there’s just not enough space for it inside.
  • They often leave the litter box with their feet covered in poop or litter. They can’t help but step into these messes in their too-small box.
  • They’ve begun making waste around the house when they’d previously used a litter box with no issue.

Read more: Is Your Cat’s Litter Box Too Small?

Wrapping Up

Throughout your cat’s long life, you will more than likely have to upgrade their litter box more than once. This often happens from kittenhood to adulthood, but it can occur several times in adulthood as well. That’s especially true if you own a large breed of cat or if your cat is heavier.

The XL litter boxes we showcased in this article will give your cat all the room they could ever need for relieving themselves. Once you upgrade to any of these boxes, your cat’s behavioral issues from a too-small box should stop. Good luck!


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