Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box

The Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box is a cleverly designed item that improves aesthetics in your home while actively acting as your cat’s own little toilet. Nothing else comes close to this litter box shaped like an actual plant vase with a plant on top!

What is the Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box?

It’s a large capacity litter box molded into round, clay-pot-like shape where a plant is nested at the top. The body itself is the litter box – with a large hole in the front where your cat can enter and exit. This covered litter box is made of durable polypropylene thermoplastic material.

The product comes with a filtered vented system that regulates dust and odor so you won’t have to smell their discharge. The filter is strategically placed on top, right under the plant.

The product comes with the following features:

  • The unit is perfect for large cats
  • Ideal households with multiple cats
  • Clay brown color resembling an actual clay pot
  • filter system for ventilation
  • Dimensions without plant: 20” wide by 19.75” high
  • Dimensions with the plant: 20” wide by 55” high

How to use the Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box:

So how does this litter box work? The way you can use the product is fundamentally the same as how you operate with any other covered litter boxes – only with a plant on top! You can actually disassemble the unit into two halves – the upper portion (where the plant is) and the lower portion.

The beauty of this litter box is in turning it into a decorative element in your home. Don’t be tempted to hide the entrance even further. As with any covered box, make sure your cat has a free line of sight from within the box into the rest of the room. Some cats will avoid their litter pan if they can’t see who’s approaching it while doing their business. Even more so in a multi-cat household where another feline could try and trap them in the box.

Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box FAQ

What litter pan can fit into the litter box?

The unit itself does not have its own removable litter pan – the entire lower half of the assembly kinda acts like the litter pan itself. So you might want to look for the little giant dura-flex plastic utility pan as what the manufacturer suggests.

Just how big is the unit?

You can review the dimensions in the section above. The circumference, however, is 64 inches.

Can I replace the plant?

Yes. You can replace the plant with something else of your preference. You might also want to put some stones to cover the base of the plant especially if your cat tends to mess with it. Some users even replace the moss (that comes with the purchase) with more stylish marbles to hold the plant in place.

What reviewers liked about the Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box

Thousands of users applaud the product for having a strategic design that camouflages the litter pan. One user appreciated the product for being –

“the Perfect way to hide the litter box in a living room! I love it. My cats prefer this over their jumbo standard litter box!”

Some praise the product for being a solution when you live in a small apartment and when you dislike having a litter box out in the open. Another user noted –

“This thing is amazing… it turns the foul concept of an inexorably offensive, visually repugnant box of coagulated urine and feces into a form of art. Seriously though, this litter box is a wonderful invention, and our place looks SO MUCH BETTER than it did before with the plain old litter box.”

What reviewers didn’t like about the Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box

Some users addressed the incompatibility of the litter pan that the manufacturer suggests people to buy –

“I would give this product a 4 or 5 [stars] if the vendor hadn’t suggested the purchase [of] a litter pan that doesn’t fit.”

Tips for using the Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box

  • It can be a little hard to connect both halves for the first time. Be aware of the grooves at the top and bottom half as it fits them together. Line up both halves against a wall – that way it will be easier to attach them into place. Some people get annoyed when they try to connect the unit for the first time. That explains some negative reviews about how the two halves won’t join properly.
  • Try to find a litter pan with a higher wall (than what the manufacturer suggests). This could help prevent feces and urine from getting stuck between.
  • Consider layering the litter pan with a plastic liner. It could make disposing of litter easier.


Good Pet Stuff Hidden Cat Litter Box is the solution to people who want to keep their cat’s toilets out of sight, while keeping it highly accessible for their pets. It’s effective and the only thing you have to worry is the liner or litter pan to use inside. You can, however, use the unit without a liner but you’ll have to deal with more smell later on.




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