30 Hidden Litter Boxes You Should Check Out

You know your cat has to go to the bathroom somewhere, but sometimes you really wish you could keep kitty’s litter box more hidden. We shared an article about litter box benches recently, and those appeal to you. Still, there’s got to be more options out there, right?

30 Hidden Litter Boxes You Should Check Out

Yes, but you have to get a little creative if you want your cat’s litter box out of sight. Across social media, cat owners just like you have come up with ingenious methods of hiding their kitty’s litter boxes. We combed through Instagram to bring you the cream of the crop. These 30 hidden litter boxes will hopefully inspire you to create or buy such a setup for your own feisty feline.

1. The Kitty Door

Pups have doggy doors, so why can’t your cat have a kitty door? This one would ideally lead to their own private bathroom sanctuary. Admittedly, this isn’t super hidden, but their box isn’t in plain view, either.

2. Litter Box Furniture

litter box furniture

Sometimes, hiding your cat’s litter box doesn’t mean moving it out of the room. You can just get a litter box that doubles as furniture, like this table-style one from Amazon. Pretty smart, right?

Just make sure to position the opening where your cat can get in and out!

3. Totally Hidden

Cat inside cat furniture with litter box inside hidden from view

Where’s the litter box here? We’re not entirely sure, either. That’s a sign this person did a great job on their hidden box setup.

4. A Chest for Bathroom Duty

A floor that’s constantly covered in trailed cat litter gets frustrating fast. Keep kitty’s bathroom messes under wraps with a repurposed chest like this. We especially like the cutouts and the ramp for the cat to reach their litter box.

5. Kitchen Purradise

cat-shaped opening door

There’s no confusing kitty’s personal space with a setup like this. The adorable cat-shaped portal in any door marks this space as exclusively theirs. When cleaning time comes around, just open the door handles and dump the litter box. Easy-peasy!

6. A Potted Plant by Any Other Name

litter box plant pot

From a front-facing angle, this just looks like a potted plant. Step around the other side and boom! It’s a litter box. Just make sure you don’t use real plants in here, since kitty might think they’re a snack.

7. Very Well-Hidden

litter box bench

Make your kitty's litter box hard to spot with another practical feature in this list. This storage bench is hollow and waterproof for your furball to do its business in obscurity.

8. Another Potted Litter Box

This potted litter box concept, although for smaller cats, works really well. The more plants you have in your home, the better the litter box looks.

9. In They Go

crate style wooden enclosure

This cat has a ton of space and privacy for doing their business. The opening of this wooden enclosure is wide enough that you can reach in and clean up without giving yourself a backache. Everyone wins.

10. Closed Doors

litter box cabinet

By putting your cat’s litter box in a cabinet, you can close the doors when your kitty isn’t going potty. That keeps unwanted smells at bay, too.

11. Distract ‘em with Art

No, we’re not just sharing this picture because of that awesome owl painting. To the left corner of the artwork, there’s actually an entrance for kitty to enter their litter box. If you have an artistic side, you must recreate this!

12. Keep It in the Bathroom

cat-shaped opening door

If you want to keep your cat’s waste in the same room as yours — the bathroom — then you’ll love this litter box. The opening is perfectly-cat shaped. Just make sure your feline doesn’t gain weight or this won’t work.

13. Another Kitty Potty in the Bathroom

litter box enclosure with curtain

Okay, so the opening in this white box might give away its true purpose, but you could always cover it with a curtain. Your cat might even like that.

14. The Cat Closet

We assume this kitty opening leads right to the closet and their box inside. Hey, bathrooms were once called water closets, so it works.

15. With Pretty Trim

pretty litter box

It doesn’t matter where you put this litter box. The appealing light blue trim and quaint white paintjob look so charming it works in every room.

16. Feeding Station/Bathroom

tall hidden litter box

At first, the idea of combining your cat’s feeding station and bathroom nook might seem a touch unsanitary. With such a tall structure like this one, there’s no risk of the food and the potty waste ever getting near each other.

17. Underneath the Climbing Tree

Sometimes, when your cat gets exercise, they need to poop. This setup means they won’t have to go very far. That’s pretty smart if you ask us!

18. What’s Behind the Sisal Doors?

decorative door hidden litterbox

If you didn’t open the sisal-covered doors, you’d never know there was a litter box hiding inside. For shy cats, this option will make them feel more comfortable using their litter box. Plus, they can scratch away on the sisal right on the door.

19. No Dogs Allowed

A kitty opening that’s only large enough for them to fit works perfectly in a multi-pet household. Dogs like this one will get curious about what’s behind the door. Unless they have opposable thumbs, they’ll never know.

20. A Sweet Little Box

sweet little box door design quaint

We like the appeal of this hidden litter box. From the lattice-cut cabinet doors to the white paint job and the shelf on top, you can get a lot of use out of this.

21. In the Kitchen

kitchen cabinet litter box

If you live in an apartment or a small home, you have to take advantage of all the space you have available. This cabinet, which can hold a toaster and some odds and ends, also doubles as a litter box for kitty. Just keep the cabinet doors closed most of the time for hygiene’s sake.

22. A Normal Wicker Table?

wicker litter box

If you look at this picture, it probably just seems like a standard wicker table, right? Sure, but there’s a litter box somewhere. This wicker basket really wouldn’t look like much to visitor, which is just what you want.

23. The Cat Desk

small cat desk

This could be your cat desk. While you’ll have to leave a means of your cat getting around your living space, them making their waste in there keeps it far away from the house.

24. Built into a Bigger Structure

If you have an armoire or sizable entertainment center with a hollow interior, you can make it into a cat litter box. You just have to cut out a hole large enough for your cat to fit. Your efforts might even earn you an adorable, Instagrammable moment like this one. You never know!

25. Calm Modern Décor

modern white design cat litter box

Finally, a litter box that blends seamlessly with your modern décor. This sleek and stylish litter box features a clean, minimalist design that will complement any home.

26. The Wall Entry

Can you spot the kitty? They’re way back in that hallway, jumping into their litter box (you can only see their fuzzy butt and tail). Building a cat entryway into their litter box a few feet off the ground like this can keep other curious pets away from their private sanctuary.

27. Gated Entrance

gate barn style

Another great method for keeping other pets out is creating a kitty gate. You should keep it closed so your dog can’t get through. A cat-sized opening means your feline can squeeze in and out when the need strikes.

28. A Comfy Place for Man and Cat

These darling wooden seats with cushions can become your favorite sitting nook. Your cat will also gravitate to this space when you cut an opening out of the side for them to get into during potty time. Just make sure you don’t sit around when kitty is doing their business!

29. Just a Dresser?

white cabinet dresser with drawer

This elegant furniture piece conceals your cat's litter box while doubling as a stylish indoor pet home. Features access doors on both sides, a spacious storage drawer, and compatibility with most standard or large litter boxes.

30. Another Take on the Same Idea

If you’re into the idea of hiding your cat’s litter box in a dresser but you want more examples, here’s a second one. Again, the bottom drawer lets you access the litter box. You could even use the real upper drawers for storing kitty supplies like a brush, food, treats, toys, and spare litter.


If you wish you could hide your cat’s litter box, you’re far from alone in that feeling. It turns out, you can, at least, sorta. By upgrading your kitty to one of these hidden litter boxes, your precious feline can still do their business and you can enjoy a cleaner, nicer looking home. We hope these 30 ideas inspired you to create a more inconspicuous setup today!