The Iris Hooded Litter Box: Gets the Work Done

Are you looking for a litter box that is sturdy, and easy-to-maintain? The Iris Hooded Litter Box offers just that. It’s an entire system that offers a scoop, a hood, and a sturdy litter box that combines a good experience for a cat – and a cat owner.

What is The Iris Hooded Litter Box? 

This is a fairly large and practical covered litter box. It comes with a scoop, a deep litter box, and a hood. “Shield & Scoop” is what the people at Iris call this system. A litter box fit for Captain America 😉

The Iris Hooded box offers Kitty a lot of room inside the box with a tray that actually has high sides too. You could take the hood off, temporarily or permanently, and you’d still have a large high-sided box that can keep litter tracking to a minimum. What helps reduce tracking even further is the grate that’s place right next to the litter box entry flap. Kitty must step on that, letting go of at least some of the litter that’s sticking to her paws. Leaving the box with cleaner paws means less litter granules around the box.

Your cat’s comfort has been put first with the design of the Iris Hooded Litter Box. The hood is also semi-transparent so it’s not too dark for the cat. It comes with a hinged flap door that’s easy enough to push in either sides. The cover also has a good handle on top, so it’s easy to take on and off when you need to clean the box (which you should do at least daily with any box). However, don’t try to lift the entire box with that handle as the hood is not attached to the tray.

A versatile system

You can use the base tray with or without the grate and you can take the hood on or off. There’s more though. You could even replace the hood with a topless shield, making the Iris into an open high-sided box. This could work well if your cat doesn’t like covered boxes but you still want protection from litter flying all over the place.

The Iris Hooded Box FAQ



Is The Iris Hooded Litter Box Easy To Clean?

Yes and no.

The whole hooded box’s interiors are highly-polished so urine and litter won’t stick to it. A definite pro when cleaning a litter box. Having said that, the bottom of the box isn’t flat. It has ridges which tend to trap litter, especially if it’s wet.

This can become a problem in the following scenarios –

  • You’re using non-clumping clay litter that allows urine to seep through to the bottom of the tray.
  • Your cat is a digger
  • There’s not enough litter in the box.

In these cases, the urine can get through to the bottom, stick to the ridges and make cleaning the box more difficult. However, if you use quality clumping litter and make sure there’s enough of it, there shouldn’t be a problem.

How Big Is The Iris Hooded Litter Box?

The product comes in just one size. The dimensions of the Iris Hooded Litter Box are 19” x 15” x 15.1”. That’s a good size for an average cat but might be a bit on the small side for larger cats.

What Is The Color Of This Hooded Litter Box?

The Iris Hooded Litter Box’s bottom part is available in navy or gray. The hood is semi-transparent.

Does The Iris Hooded Litter Box Have Another Design?

Yes it does. The Iris Hooded Litter Box also has a version where the hooded pan splits in two for easier cleaning. Basically, the Iris Split-Hood Litter Box allows cat owners to lift the lid up instead of removing the whole lid when scooping.

The Iris Hooded Litter Box – Pros & Cons


  • A sturdy solid box
  • Versatile enough to be used as a non-covered, covered or high-sided box
  • The scoop has a convenient storage area in the box
  • Reduced litter tracking thanks to the grate
  • A translucent cover can help timid cats adjust to a covered box


  • Bottom of the box isn’t flat and can be difficult to clean
  • The hood doesn’t have locks or hinges and can be knocked off

In summary

This is a pretty good box that offers a versatile structure and reduced litter tracking. If your cat tends to dig deep and/or you’re not using clumping litter, cleaning the box could be a bit difficult.

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