Iris Top Entry Litter Box: A Decorative Solution to Your Cat’s Toilet Needs

With its innovative design and aesthetics, the Iris top entry litter box can blend with any room interior. A comfortable litter box for a cat and pretty – what else can you ask for?

What is the Iris Top Entry Litter Box?

The Iris top entry litter box is a nifty, oval-shaped litter box that features a spacious volume in a modern design – an ideal blend of both freedom and privacy. The top entrance hole is large enough to allow most cats to jump in and out with ease.

The curvy grooves on the lid serve as an effective mat that brushes your cat’s paws as she steps on it. As a result, the litter stuck on the paw will be left in the box so you can expect far less litter tracking on your precious floors.

You also don’t have to worry about cats pushing the box out of place. This kitty toilet base is composed of rubber so it would stay firmly in place. The litter box also comes with a scoop which you can hang right inside the box through a hook.

To match your interior, the Iris top entry litter box comes in nine(9) color combinations! You’ll never run out of options to complement your area.

Note: There are two available lid types to choose from: filtered and grooved. The former is less expensive than the latter. You can see a comparison below.

Who this box isn’t for

This is a top entry litter box which means it’s less suitable for cats who can’t jump on top of it. If you’re caring for kittens, wait until they are old enough to easily jump in and out of a top entry box, probably around the age of 3-4 months. Read more here about litter box training for kittens. Obese cats or those with arthritis may also have a difficult time using a top entry box. If your cat is a senior, he or she may or may not be agile enough to jump on top of this box to enter it. Only you know your cat, so try to estimate his or her capabilities. If in doubt, opt for a low entry open box instead.

The product comes with the following specs and features:

  • Large hole at the top as entry/exit
  • Grooved lid act as a built-in mat that cleans paws
  • Included scoop; hook available inside the box
  • Rubber base to prevent the box from skidding
  • Unique design; keeps litter where it belongs
  • Dog-proof
  • Type: Top Entry
  • Dimensions (Grooved Lid): 20.5” x 16.1” x 14.6”
  • Weight (Grooved Lid): 4.85 lbs
  • Dimensions (Filtered lid): 20.5” x 14.8” x 14.4”
  • Weight (Filtered Lid): 2.11 lbs
  • Material: Plastic 

Iris Top Entry Litter Box FAQs

What is the maximum weight of cat for the litter box?

The manufacturer didn’t specify how much weight it can hold in terms of lid integrity. There are some users who have a 20-lb male feline and they testify zero problems with the litter box. A user even noted this model has the largest opening among other top entry boxes.

How big is the opening?

The opening measures 10.5” by 9”.

Do you need to use liners with this one?

No. Liners are not required with this one. However, you can always use a liner if you want – just find something that fits the product.

Does it prevent dogs from getting into it and can it keep litter off the floor?

Yes, it’s dog proof. And it’s specially designed to maintain a trace-free floor.

What is the difference between the grooved lid and the filtered lid?

The former comes at a higher price and is slightly larger and twice as heavy than the latter. 

What reviewers liked about the Iris Top Entry Litter Box

Most users praise the product for its stylish design and decorative qualities. One user also emphasized how his large cat benefited from the litter box –

I love how visitors don’t know they are litter boxes at first glance. My largest is a male Bengal that weighs close to 20 lbs. He is massive. He hopped right in and did his business. The top held him well and it wasn’t too small inside for his personal liking.

Another user commented on style and odor control –

I love it! It doesn’t look or feel like a litter box, just more like a high-end trash can or office tote. Even though it’s not closed off completely, it still does a much better job of holding in odors than an open box.

What reviewers didn’t like about the Iris Top Entry Litter Box

Apparently, there is one glitch in the design that some users noticed. The box body is round while the scoop’s edge is flat. A user said –

Scoopers have flat edges, this litter box does not. Since it has curves, it is hard to dig into a pee clot and pull it out whole. I end up having to hack at it until it is all picked up.

Another user is having a similar problem –

Aesthetically it’s great, super simple and modern, but it is a pain to clean. Because the box is so deep and narrow, it’s hard to get the angle of the scooper at a place that is effective and comfortable.


Tips for using the Iris Top Entry Litter Box

  • You might want to use another scoop with a rounded-edge. Try your previous scoop if compatible.


The Iris Top Entry Litter Box could be a good replacement for your current litter box if you’re looking for a more decorative one. This one screams style without neglecting function. It comes in multiple colors and two lid designs to satisfy whatever preference you might want to adhere. Impressively the litter box is quite big and spacious but is low-key enough not to look like a potty box at first glance. Ultimately, the Iris Top Entry Litter Box is a great addition to any room and can easily add beauty to it. 

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