9 Cat Litter Scoops with Small Holes (That Could Be the Solution to Your Litter Troubles!)

Few things are more frustrating than trying to scoop small clumps and have them repeatedly fall through the large holes on the cat litter scoop. That's where you need a scoop that has small holes which won't allow any waste to end up back in the box.

We've gathered nine cat litter scoops with small holes that will work with any fine-grained cat litter. Keep in mind that these will not work with pelleted litter. For that, you'll need a scoop with extra large holes. Fortunately, most types of clumping litter have sand-like tiny grains, making these scoops the perfect tool - if you're using clumping litter.

9 Cat Litter Scoops with Small Holes

Here are our top picks for litter scoops with tiny holes in them!

1. ACE SELECT Cat Litter Scoop

This is the ACE SELECT Cat Litter Scoop. It has 1/4-inch holes that allow litter to fall through and hold onto even the smallest clumps of waste so your litter will last longer. It should last with any non-pelleted litter.

The shovel itself is also 5 inches wide so scooping will take less time, even if your cat likes to hide clumps in their litter. With most standard-sized litter boxes, it will only take you a couple passes to check the whole area with this large litter scoop. It's also made of an aluminum alloy so it's strong and durable.

2. MyOnly Cat Litter Scoop

The MyOnly Cat Litter Scoop won't work for all litter, but if you use sand or another fine-grained litter, it will allow you to save more litter. It has a high back to prevent litter from spilling as you shake it to sift. Some reviewers have suggested only sifting a small amount at a time to prevent the holes from getting clogged with too much litter.

Another advantage of using this scoop is that it's large so you can easily remove clumps. The only downside is that it's made of plastic so it may not be as durable as some of the other scoops on our list.

3. Zilla Corner Scoop

This small-holed litter scoop is actually made for cleaning reptile enclosures but might be just what you're looking for in a cat litter scoop. The Zilla Corner Scoop is particularly great if you have tight corners to get into. Like the previous one on this list, it works best with sand and other extremely fine litters.

As with most of the scoops on this list, it may not work well for a first pass while removing large clumps and solid waste because it's a waste of time to sift when there's no real need. However, it will allow you to deep clean the litter box to remove any tiny clumps left behind after the first pass with your regular scoop!

4. Uxcell Cat Nonslip Waste Scoop

The Uxcell Cat Nonslip Waste Scoop is definitely one that doesn't work with anything other than sand, so even fine-grained cat litters will likely be picked up with this scoop. If that's your goal, then this scoop is perfect for you! Otherwise, you'll want to keep reading.

This scoop will work well because it's 4 inches wide so it can pick up a decent amount of litter in one scoop. Plus, it has high sides to prevent dirty litter from escaping while you sift the clean litter through the small holes.

5. Patgoal Cat Litter Scoop

We couldn't find the exact measurements for the holes on these, but it looks like the Patgoal Cat Litter Scoop has small enough holes to allow most cat litters to fall through while holding onto the little clumps that you don't want to leave in your cat litter box.

Although this litter scoop is made of plastic, it's sturdy so it won't bend on you when you're trying to clean out the litter box. Besides that, the handle is nice and long so you won't have to get as up-close-and-personal with the dirty litter. The main complaint about this scoop is that it's on the small side so a thorough cleaning may take you some time.

6. Womdee Litter Cleaner

The Womdee Litter Cleaner is another scoop that was designed for scooping tiny reptile waste from sand. That doesn't mean you can't use it in your cat's litter box, however. In fact, if you use sand or fine-grained litter, this might be just what you were looking for.

Holes on this litter scoop are just 2mm by 6mm, which makes it difficult to use with most cat litters. The scoop is 4 inches wide, so it's a good size for cleaning out any sized litter pan quickly. Plus, it's long which gives you more space to sift the clean litter back into the litter box as you go.

7. Shengyuze Cat Litter Scoop

This is the Shengyuze Cat Litter Scoop. You can choose between a larger and smaller hole size. The larger hole size appears to be big enough that even pelleted cat litter can fall through, but this smaller size looks ideal for most other cat litters. Unfortunately, we weren't able to find the exact measurements for the hole size.

It's also one of the smallest litter scoops on our list and may be too small to be easily used in your cat's box. The biggest thing it has going for it is that it's inexpensive which may make it worth getting as a backup scoop or one you use only occasionally for deep cleanings.

8. Brask Pet Cat Litter Scoop

The Brask Pet Cat Litter Scoop is one of the other metal scoops on our list. As such, it's a bit more expensive but will also last longer and is better for the environment. This scoop has 5mm slits which go in different directions, making sifting litter incredibly easy.

Another advantage to this scoop is the long handle. You don't have to get too close to the litter with this one, and it can make it easier for someone who has trouble bending down to clean out the litter pan. The width of the scoop is 5 1/4 inches, so you can quickly clean out even larger litter boxes.

9. IPRIMIO Cat Litter Scooper

We've saved the best for last. The IPRIMIO Cat Litter Scooper has thousands of satisfied users who love that it's non-stick. At the same time, it has narrow slits that allow any small-grained cat litter to fall through while retaining waste so it can be tossed out.

This scoop is also made of aluminum so it's not going to fall apart on you. The front edges are designed for getting into corners so every area of the litter box can be left immaculate. As an added bonus, it comes with a holder which you can stick onto any surface to keep it nearby.

If you're looking for the perfect litter box scoop which won't get messy and will remove every little clump, the IPRIMIO Cat Litter Scooper is the way to go. We can't recommend this one enough!

Need More Litter Box Ideas?

Now you have a list of nine cat litter scoops with small holes. Hopefully, you've already found the right one for your litter box situation! If you need a holder for your scoop, we have a post devoted to the best litter scoop holders!

If you're looking to ditch the scoop completely, consider getting a litter pan like the Van Ness Sifting Litter Box. It's easy to use and will quickly remove any clumps without scooping. Be sure to check out our review on this sifting litter box for more information.


  1. After reading these review I don’t think there is a scoop like what I am looking for. Have three nice ones that are more than adequate to remove the major deposits, but with urine balls especially, often very small pieces break off and none of the three tools I have has small enough holes to get them out. I am specifically looking for a tool to only remove the smaller particles. I don’t mind cleaning with the others and then making a final “pass” to take out the rest. I considered a terrarium wire strainer but no size is given on the hole size and am afraid it is too small. I found reviews of some cat liter tools that were not liked because the liter would not fall through. Any recommendations????

  2. It sounds as if you’re having the same issues I have. It’s frustrating but I make a second run with the Cat Love Cat Litter Scoop from Chewy.com ($2.99) and it gets MOST of the bits out. However I accidentally threw it away so I’m searching for a better one! As far as this list, it SEEMS like #1; #5 and #9 could do the trick but it’s impossible to really know until you actually use it.

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