The Luuup Litter Box Means You Won’t Ever Have to Scoop Again

The concept of having an open litter box in your modern home may not be appealing to think of,  but as long as you keep the box clean it really shouldn’t be a problem. The Luuup litter box helps you do just that. Its unique innovative design helps cat owners keep litter clean at all times.

What is the Luuup Litter Box?

The Luuup Litter Box is a no-scoop kitty toilet designed for convenience, cleanliness, and economy. How it works is simple yet clever.

Luuup is composed of three (3) identical sifting trays placed on top of each other. The trays are topped with a detachable spill guard that acts as a wall to prevent traces and unintentional mess.

How does the Luuup litter box work? In several easy steps that only take minutes to perform –

  1. Lift and top tray and shake it gently to sift out clumps of used litter.
  2. Remove clumps and poop.
  3. Place that tray at the bottom of the stack and your clean box is ready for use.

Watch the Luuup Litter Box in action here:


How to use the Luuup Litter Box

The magic of the Luuup Litter Box lies on how easy it is to use. Let’s say your cat has used the box during the day and it’s time to clean it up. Normally, you would have to scoop the poop and solidified cat pee and dispose of them in the most manual way possible. But you won’t have to do that with this model.

You have three (3) trays stacked on top of the other – with the top tray having all the litter. Start by lifting the top tray and gently shake it repeatedly from right to left. You will see the clean litter fall to the second tray below it, leaving solid clumps of waste in the tray you are holding. Continue sifting until what’s left is only the waste.

Now discard the waste in a garbage bin, carefully noting the orientation of the tray you’re holding. Next thing to do is turn the tray 180 degrees then place it at the stack’s bottom, making it the third tray. The previously second (or middle) tray, of where all the clean litter goes, becomes the new top tray of the stack. This creates an infinite “luuup” of clever litter concept.

Since you will not scoop the litter yourself, the process makes it possible to maximize the usage of the clean litter because you won’t be wasting a single particle of it. It’s all sifted on the next tray below.

The product comes with the following specs and features:

  • Non-stick, antimicrobial coating for odor regulation
  • Open top design
  • With spill guard rim
  • Dimensions (without spill guard): 15.4” x 20.2” x 7.5”
  • Dimensions (with spill guard): 15.4” x 20.2” x 7.5”
  • Weight: 6 lbs

Luuup Litter Box FAQ

How to know the bottom tray is aligned the right way?

The Luuup Litter Box is composed of an asymmetrical tray design. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure you have aligned the trays correctly after use.

See the stacking tabs to know whether the bottom tray is stacked properly – the top tray MUST match with the lower tray in the stack.

There’s another way to know. If ever you did stack the bottom tray wrong, you will notice how the litter box will not nest together properly and will rather rock back and forth.

The Luuup Litter Box is cheaper when you buy directly from the Luuup website. Why should I buy on Amazon?

It’s true their official website does sell the product at a less expensive price than Amazon. The problem is they don’t have a customer contact number and according to users, not much of a  return policy. So you might want to buy on Amazon to cover all that.

What brand of clumping litter works best?

You can use your current clumping litter. Moreover, any brand will work as long as you use the clumping version.

Is there a cover available for this?

No. And even if there was, it’s not recommended to use any cover at all.

What reviewers liked about the Luuup Litter Box

Many reviewers are impressed with how easy it is to use this system. This user suggested –

Best litter box ever. This is so easy to clean. I sift, dump the clumped litter into trash and then quickly rinse and dry (I keep paper towels in the bathroom) then rotate the tray to bottom. I add more litter as needed every three changes or so. No smell at all, ever.

Another expressed her thoughts on a common issue and still awarded the product five (5) stars –

I like this very much! Although the litter change process is very easy my cats clumps on the edge often stick and I need to put in a moment with a paper towel and water to get it clean before putting the empty tray on the bottom. This is NOT a design flaw just a FACT of cat life.

What reviewers didn’t like about the Luuup Litter Box

Most bad reviews originate from users who tend to expect more of the product. Just like the review above , there are just some facts of cat-parenting we need to deal about –

Unfortunately, my kitty litter clumps on the sides of the pan. I need to wipe the trays. Good concept. Just need to find light weight litter that works.

Luuup Litter Box Usage Tips

  • You might want to utilize a drywall mud pan or a kitty mat which you can place under your pan to trap litter. Many cat owners recommend that regardless of the type of litter box you have.
  • Follow the instructions properly to avoid a mess.


It’s really hard to match something like the Luuup Litter Box in both innovation and simplicity in a single model. Using litter pan one is pretty straightforward and just pure convenient, making it a recommended litter box. The best part is it’s good-looking enough to complement any modern interior.



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  1. ALL of these litter boxes are way too small, unless you have a kitten or a small cat.

  2. I liked the luuupproducts litter box so i paid for the promo litter.
    they took my money but never shipped. MAJOR #FAIL
    then they charged me for a subscription
    but there no way to cancel subscription, no response to failure to ship product! I want a refund!

    1. I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience with them, Francine. I do hope you’ll get your refund. Maybe take it up with your local BBB?

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