7 Best Modern Cat Litter Boxes

Tabby cat standing on top of litter box while staring at camera, 7 Best Modern Cat Litter BoxesMost cat owners don't enjoy having traditional litter boxes in their homes. These products are tubs filled with litter and cause a heap of issues. One of them is how unsightly these boxes can make the room where they're located.

As you know, some cats have a great deal of fun kicking litter outside these boxes. This action causes little pieces of stinky litter to rocket around the room. It's an issue that can make a cat owner's life a smelly nightmare rather quickly. These types of problems are why many cat owners are opting to buy modernized options. Modern litter boxes usually have a sleek design and can make sure the litter stays where it belongs. It makes them a much more practical choice.

But these products do cost a bit more than a regular litter box. If this concern isn't a huge deal for you, we have a few examples of modern litter boxes below.

Let's see whether one of these options is the perfect litter box for your situation.

The 7 Best Modern Cat Litter Boxes

1. IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box

Our first option features a top-entry design to ensure litter stays where it suppose to reside. Your cat can kick all they want, but this product will not let any escape from its clutches. It's an effective way to deal with one of many downsides provided by a traditional option.

Buyers tend to be impressed by this product's grooved lid, as well. This feature will help remove any litter that ends up sticking to your cat's paws. You won't have to worry about them carrying pieces of litter to other areas inside your house.

The six color choices will ensure you can buy an option capable of meshing with the room's interior, helping it to blend in with your decor.

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2. Litter Genie Cat Litter Box

If you're looking to give your cat some privacy, the Litter Genie Cat Litter Box would be a solid choice. This model contains high walls that'll shield your feline when they're doing bathroom business.

The product's plastic overall design was rather appealing, too. It provides the litter box with some durability and capable of dealing with any wear or tear. Its integrated handles make transporting it much easier and making the litter dumping process easier. Any feature with the ability to make this gross task more manageable is always a win. The low price tag doesn't hurt its case, either.

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3. Modkat Litter Box

Modkat's Litter Box is another option with a top-entry design to stop litter tracking. It features a modern design, which keeps the cat's bathroom business private and shouldn't have any issues fitting right into any room with this design and choice of colors.

But none of these features is the best thing about this option. You can instead give this title to the model being an all-in-one product. This attribute means it comes with everything needed for the litter box experience: litter scooper, reusable tap liner, swivel lid, and a seamless base to prevent leaks.

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4. Good Pet Stuff Plant Hidden Litter Box

This next option is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to hide their litter box. It features a real clay pot design, which will blend into any room. Plus, there's a fake plant placed on top to make even more visually appealing.

It has a filtered vented system that will help control both dust and odor to make life more bearable. Due to this, it shouldn't have any issues fitting into any room inside your home.

Its large capacity was another option buyers tended to love. It has become a favorite among cat owners with multiple felines or larger cats. What more could a person possibly want from a litter box than these features?


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5. Petmate Booda Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box

Petmate's Booda Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box features a clever domed design. This construction encloses your cat on all sides. It's an effective way to provide them with privacy and keep your floors utterly free of litter.

The grooved step entrance is another aspect worth mentioning. It will wipe your cat's paws free of any residue litter as they exit. You don't have to worry about odors, either, thanks to its kitty litter pan with a charcoal filter.

It'll absorb those stinky odors, which ensure the product can be placed anywhere. This feature makes it one of the more convenient options on our list. It's also kind of funny that your cat will now have their own little cave for bathroom business.

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6. Furrytail Whale XL Litter Box

An excellent option for anyone looking to get with a fun design. This model looks like a whale with its blue/white color scheme and construction. It's a fun way to spice up one of the worst parts of being a cat owner.

As for its litter box abilities, its features are second to none. It has an internal leak-proof baffle to deal with any leakage of urine or contain any wild spraying. The design can be separated into two parts that make this model easy to clean, as well.

You shouldn't sleep on this product's rather large capacity, either. There's no reason to believe this litter box couldn't handle a multiple cat home. In the end, it seems to check off every quality a person could want in a litter box.

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7. Pidan Studio Snow House Igloo Cat Litter Box Kit

Our last litter box features a cute igloo design to offer a little adventure into your cat's life. This igloo-shaped construction is practical, too, as it makes the product dog-proof. Your dogs won't be able to reach what's inside the litter box anymore.

It features a slightly elevated doorway that even a kitten can get into without issue. This doorway will also be extremely helpful in keeping the litter from exiting.

The product's polypropylene design material is another winning trait. It should ensure the litter box can handle all the wear and tear with relative ease.

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