Nature’s Miracle Corner Litter Box – Is That a Good Choice for You?

Having recently reviewed Nature’s Miracle High Sided litter box, we decided to add a separate entry about their other high-sided model. This one also offers a simple yet effective way of managing litter kickers. The difference? The Nature’s Miracle corner litter box fits right into a room corner. Still crafted with a large volume and high walls to optimally isolate the litter within. Read on and see what makes this one stand out.

What is Nature’s Miracle corner litter box Litter Box?

Nature’s Miracle corner litter box is a convenient corner kitty toilet designed for simplicity and usefulness. The box is crafted with a rounded triangular shape, compatible with any room corner. This saves some area while simultaneously maximizing your cat’s personal space.

Your cat will have an easy time entering and exiting due to the low-profile entryway. It has 10-inch high walls that prevent your cat from spilling the litter out of place. Now you won’t have to worry about spills when your cat starts spraying inside, and it would be hard for her to kick the litter out.

An antimicrobial coating will keep bacteria from thriving and the non-stick surface will prohibit waste buildup on the surface, consequently making cleaning simpler and faster.

How to use the Nature’s Miracle corner litter box

You simply have to fill the litter box with up to 3 inches high of litter. Just like any other standard litter box, you will do the manual labor of scooping clumps and removing waste on a daily basis. Maintain the litter content that way and add more whenever necessary.

The product comes with the following specs and features:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Graphite with Glitter
  • Dimensions: 26” x 23” x 10”
  • Ideal for large cats
  • Also ideal for multi-cat homes

Sounds interesting? See it in action here:

Nature’s Miracle corner litter box FAQs

How do you comprehend the dimensions, given the box is not square?

The box is shaped like a triangle (rounded). The 26-inches pertains on the longer side which is the front. While the 23-inches refers to the measurement from the front to the back (like a diameter). Lastly, the 10-inches is the height of the unit.

Is the plastic strong?

You may have your doubts but most pet-parents reported the plastic as sturdy and robust, even if you have a big cat.

Is this box big enough for a big cat?

You can visualize the dimensions given and compare it to your current box. When it comes to impression, most users find the box to be actually bigger than what they have thought. One Amazon reviewer owns a Maine Coon and said the litter box is roomy enough.

What reviewers liked about Nature’s Miracle corner litter box

A lot of users are surprised how the product came to be bigger than expected. Apart from that, the corner litter box seems to work effectively even for bigger cats. One user reported –

With three cats, I needed more space. With fussy cats, I needed more “clean” area so they’d make my life easier. This provides just that. It’s large…larger than most “jumbo” rectangular boxes, yet it doesn’t take up too much more room. The litter throwing has been cut down dramatically. Mostly there’s just the litter that tracks out with little paws.

There are also people who appreciate the space-saving corner design and how the product saved them from previous dilemmas like this one –

I love the fact that its made for a corner and it fits in the corner perfectly in our 2nd bathroom. This litter box looked a little bigger than expected but I think it’s a perfect size. I was having a problem with my messy kitty getting litter and waste everywhere but the sides on this litter box sit high and the front entrance makes it easy for him to get in and out of.


What reviewers didn’t like about the Nature’s Miracle corner litter box

There is one user who would like the wall to be higher and said –

I have used this litter box for a few years. I mostly love it and both of my cats seem to like it too. It solved the problem of peeing outside the box. [However] I wish there was an attachment that could be used to raise the height of the sides.

Other negative feedback related to the minor issue of color –

Also the black color always shows the dust from the litter. Really not so happy with this. BUT the kittens did love it even before I put litter in it.


Nature’s Miracle corner litter box Usage Tip

  • You might want to put a cat mat right in front of the box. So when your cat steps out, the litter stuck in their paws is trapped on the mat.


Nature’s Miracle corner litter box is simple, convenient, large, and simply works effectively. It’s the ideal kitty toilet if you’re looking for something that fits any wall corner and has ample room for your cat to use.

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