Nature’s Miracle Self Cleaning Litter Box

The Nature’s Miracle Self Cleaning Litter Box is an ideal solution if you’re looking for something that can work by itself without your constant supervision. This litter box is equipped with detection motion sensors that trigger the cleaning cycle so you can set it up to clean after each use.  An excellent solution if you have a litter box smell problem.

What is the Nature’s Miracle Self Cleaning Litter Box?

This apparatus can automatically clean the litter by using a motor to operate a raking part.  An ideal choice for people who don’t want to put too much effort in maintaining their kitty’s hygiene needs.

How the Nature’s Miracle Self Cleaning Litter Box Works:

Virtually everything is automated. The sensors (located on each side) are vigilant of your cat’s presence. When your cat is finished doing her private business and leaves the litter box, the sensor will trigger the timer to start counting down for 15 minutes.

Once the countdown finishes, the rake will start going through the litter, pushing the clumps forward, and dumping them into the waste compartment.

Since cats differ from one another, you might want to observe your cat’s reaction when the rake is in action. It can be kinda loud but numerous users report their cats actually likes the sound. Consider yourself fortunate if your cat turns out to be the same. Not responding to the noise at all is a great turnout too.

Ultimately, since everything is automated, what’s left for you to do is to refill the litter and handle the waste compartment whenever necessary.

The product comes with the following specs and features:

  • Physical on/off button and indicator lights
  • Dual motion sensors sensitive to cat presence
  • Embedded anti-microbial protection to prohibit bacterial growth
  • Sleep mode programmable up to 9 hours; normal operation for 15 hours
  • Removable rake makes cleaning easier
  • Backup power storage applicable through 8 AA batteries (bought separately)
  • With change indicator; notifies you to change receptacle
  • Litter area (L x W): 14” x 14”
  • Unit dimensions (L x W x H): 24.8” x 17.7” x 9.8”

See it in action in this video:


Nature’s Miracle Self Cleaning Litter Box FAQs

Is it normal for my litter box to cycle on its own without my cat using it?

According to the manufacturer, the litter box basically makes one cycle when you power it on. And the next time it makes a cycle is fifteen (15) minutes after the cat uses and “leaves” the litter box.

So if you are experiencing continuous cycle without your cat using it, it may be caused by excessive litter that is aligned close to the ‘finish’ position. The litter may be standing in the way, prohibiting the mechanism from going back into place. As a result, the box will keep on trying to clear it, hence the continuous cycle.

You might also want to check the amount of litter in the box. Too much of it can trigger the sensor so just put as much as prescribed by the manufacturer.

This litter box looks like a LitterMaid. Are they the same?

They are NOT the same. But both LitterMaid and Nature’s Miracle do come from a single company – Spectrum Brands. The two might be similar but this Nature’s Miracle has features which you can’t see in a LitterMaid. Among these are the sleep feature, larger size, and delay ability.

How can I trigger the unit to clean itself without my cat using it?

If you want to activate the unit, simply turn it off, then press on again. The unit will make one cycle after.

Does it come with a set of litterbox refill?

Yes. And you could use this as your first set.

Will it turn on while my cat uses it?

No. The litter box has two sensors connected to the rake and timer. After your cat uses the box, the timer will start a 15-minute countdown. After that time period, the rake will turn on and do its job. But if ever your cat uses the litter box again before the countdown finishes, the timer will reset and start over.

Does it come with a cover? Or is there an attachable hood available?

No to both questions. The unit has no cover and also has no hood available.

What reviewers liked about the Nature’s Miracle Self Cleaning Litter Box

As with most self-cleaning litter boxes, the product gets mixed reviews on Amazon. Many like it and sing its praises. One user reported –

Self-Cleaning feature works well, seldom missing droppings as long as the litter’s at the minimum fill level, occasionally missing small ones if the litter is too low. Does a great job of containing smells.

Another user appreciated the product and said –

This litter box is saving my back, and keeping litter out of my 19 year old cats rear paws. I just love it. It’s not 100% perfect, but it helps so much.

What reviewers didn’t like about the Nature’s Miracle Self Cleaning Litter Box

Apart from the positives, the product also received substantial reports about drawbacks. One user explained –

The collection containers are made out of lightweight, cheap plastic that seem counterproductive when using this machine for multiple cats.

Nature’s Miracle Self Cleaning Litter Box Usage Tips

  • When the lid tends to fall off making the potty end up somewhere else, one user suggested using a couple of masking tapes to treat the issue.
  • You can use disposable bags in the container to spare you from buying replacements often.


The Nature’s Miracle Self Cleaning Litter Box is a good option when you’re looking for something automatic. Products like this one make things easier for you making your investment worthwhile.

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  1. Jackie Vaughan

    These letterboxes are poorly made and unreliable. We had FIVE warranty replacements in one year. The motors would burn out or parts would break. The boxes were filled and used according to instructions. We used the recommended litter and they were emptied regularly. They would constantly jam and try over and over to run. Then they’d make a very loud banging noise in addition to the noisy motor and track.

    We have a couple of old LitterMaids that we’ve had for perhaps 15 years and they’re still going strong. However, the new LitterMaids share the same problems as the Nature’s Miracle.

    Don’t waste your money on these pans. You’ll be scooping anyway.

    1. Litterbox Expert

      Thank you for leaving a comment and contributing your review. I’m sure this will help others make an informed decision.

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