Omega Paw: The Cat Litter Box Roll Over!

Tired of scooping your cat’s poop from the litter box? Omega Paw has got you covered with their unique concept: The cat litter box roll over!  This has got to be one of the easiest ways to clean a litter box that doesn’t require scooping nor electricity.

What is The Omega Paw Litter Box?

The Omega Paw comes with a litter box base, a hood, and a patented grill. There’s no motor involved and no need to plug in this innovative device. It’s simply designed to get the cat litter box roll over, sifting the litter while doing so. All you have to do is roll the box over and back. That’s it! No scooping and no noisy motor noise.

The product continues to work even without electricity. That’s the beauty of the Omega Paw Cat Litter Box – it gets cleaned without needing electric power to keep working.

How do You Use The Omega Paw Cat Litter Box?

This self-cleaning Omega Paw Cat Litter Box is very easy to use. All you have to do is roll it once and then roll it back. It has sleek round edges that make it easy to roll the litter box on its top.

Once the litter box is on its top, the self-cleaning process takes place. Basically, the litter goes through the patented grill, separating the clumps  from the still reusable litter.

There’s no need for a scoop because the patented grill does the scooping for you. All you have to do is remove the pull-out tray and voila! You have clean litter with no effort!

The Omega Paw box works best with clumping litter. That’s the only way to daily remove urine-containing clumps of litter.

Be sure as well to never overfill the litter box with litter because if you do, the patented grill won’t be able to sift through the entire contents of the box. It would be useless and you would have to go back to scooping, which is the very task that this product aims at eliminating.

The Omega Paw Cat Litter Box: User Tips

1. How to Remove Clumped Litter Stuck on The Floor of 

One Amazon reviewer shared that the clumped litter sometimes got stuck on one side of the Omega Paw Cat Litter Box. His advice? Simply lightly tap the area until excess litter and clumps fall off. No need to resort to scooping!

2. How to Avoid Leakage With The Omega Paw Cat Litter Box

Some reviewers mentioned leaking was the main problem with the Omega Paw Cat Litter Box. It is best to use the product with a pan under it in order to ensure that if there are leaks, the floor won’t get too messy. Also, the tray could catch the litter that might pour out of the Omega Paw Cat Litter Box during the self-cleaning process.

What is The Hood of The Omega Paw Cat Litter Box For?

Just like other covered cat litter boxes, the hood of the Omega Paw Cat Litter Box reduces the litter that ends up on the floor. With the Omega Paw Cat Litter Box, cat owners can be assured that there would be little to no litter tracking around the house. The hood is  easily removed when you want to clean the whole box.

Does The Omega Paw Litter Box Allow Cat Owners To Save On Litter?

That’s one of the purposes of the Omega Paw cat Litter Box – to save on litter. Unlike other litter boxes, you really get to separate the clean litter from the dirty litter.  Saving on litter is exactly what the patented grill does for you.

How Big Is The Omega Paw Litter Box?

The Omega Paw Cat Litter Box comes in two sizes. The larger size is 28” x 20” x 10”. The smaller version is 23” x 19” x 18.5”.

The larger size of the Omega Paw Cat Litter Box works well for cat owners who have multiple cats at home. It also works for cat owners who have bigger and fatter cats.

What Reviewers Liked About The Omega Paw Cat Litter Box

A lot of reviewers really liked the fact that the Omega Pat Cat Litter Box is self-cleaning, easy to assemble, and cats love it. Here are some of the reviews from happy purchasers:

This litter box will eliminate any future need of stinky scooping or broken plastic bags. It is all self-cleaning.

It does appear to be sturdily constructed with quality components, and it works as advertised. I was actually excited (?!) this morning to test it out, and it worked beautifully. Assembly took all of 2 minutes, and the cats started using it right away.

What Reviewers Did Not Like 

Reviewers did not like that the the box itself traps litter on its grooves and lines during  the frequent rolling – requiring frequent cleaning.

With all that churning, I had to deal with a layer of dust over everything in the room, and no matter how hard I tried, I always ended up with litter clogging up the groove that the top is supposed to fit in tightly to lock in the litter when you roll it.

Other reviewers did not like that the Omega Paw takes quite a lot  of space during the rolling process.

It takes plenty of space to be able to roll it over. Once filled with litter it tends to become heavy and rolling it to the point where the litter is in the correct place is difficult. It’s bulky looking.

Before You Buy The Omega Paw

Here’s a quick recap –

  • This is a no-scoop litter box. It’s not self-cleaning and you need to initiate the cleaning process manually. No need for electricity. You just have to roll it on its top and the clean litter and clumped litter gets separated.
  • It’s a fairly large box which takes up even more floor space during the rolling process. It does come in two sizes so you could decide on what to get depending on the size of your cat.


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