The Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box comes from the same family as the Advanced High Sided Corner Litter Box which makes them two of the best-selling kitty toilets on the market.

How many litter boxes do you need? Here's the formula.

How many litter boxes per cat should you have? The answer is not always simple. We bring you a detailed guide that gives you the formula for calculating the idea number of cat litter boxes and also discusses the various situations where more boxes – or fewer – may be a good idea.

The ScoopFree Litter Box is an automatic self-cleaning kitty toilet that’s designed to work with no human intervention for up to several weeks at a time. Read the full review here.

How to get rid off litter box smell - All the solutions (and also what not to do)

Just because you have a cat (or cats) doesn’t mean you have to suffer from litter box smell. We have simple proven solutions to help you keep your home smelling fresh and clean. If Kitty is away asleep, your guests won’t even be able to tell that you have a cat. No litter box smell to give them any clue!

When do kittens start using the litter box

When to start litter box training kittens? You’ve probably heard a lot of answers regarding puppies but not many people know about litter box training for kittens. Is it even necessary? And how to do that? We’re here to help!

Are you looking for a chic yet durable cat litter box? How about a litter box that fits perfectly with different kinds of rims and hoods? The So Phresh Litter Box might be the answer to your mix-and-match wishes!

How often should you clean a litter box? The complete guide

How often should you clean a litter box? Everyone wants a clean litter box that doesn’t smell. The key is cleaning it regularly. Let us tell you exactly how often this should be done, depending on the type of box and type of litter you’re using.

The Pidan Studio Snow House Igloo Litter Box is a neat innovation that could save your cat-parenting life. It’s igloo-shaped litter box ideal for all types of cats.