Petmate Jumbo Covered Litter Box

If you’re looking for a solid large covered litter box, the Petmate Jumbo Covered Litter Box could be it. Offering a smart design that isn’t too complex or complicated means cat and owner have an easy time using the box and cleaning it (respectively!)

What is the Petmate Jumbo Covered Litter Box?

The Petmate Jumbo Covered Litter Box has a raised-back pan. That means litter is less likely to get stuck in the line between box and hood, keeping things generally more clean, especially if your kitty happens to be an active digger. Even if your cat manages to kick litter high enough, this box has its hood secured an fitted into the pan. This also means more stability. The Petmate Jumbo box is a solid sturdy unit with four snap locks. Even extra energetic cats won’t get the lid off the box.

The box also has a wide entrance that does not have a cat flap. That’s not a bad thing. If you read our guide about covered vs. open litter boxes, you know that being entirely enclosed in a box is not necessarily something most cats like. With this design, you can enjoy the benefits of the hood in providing some protection from litter spills, without the disadvantages of creating a claustrophobic smelly area that your cat will try to avoid.

And what about the odors? This litter box is made from Microban – a material that inhibits the formation of odor-causing bacteria, stain, mildew and mold.

Specs and features:

  • Raised-back design; kick-proof
  • Dimensions with hood: 21.8” x 18” x 18.5”
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Colors: Crystal, Pan Sand, Hood Almond

Petmate Jumbo Covered Litter Box FAQ

How deep is the front part compared to the back part?

This litter box is crafted with a side curve, creating a raised-back. The front is around 7-inches deep while the back part is around 10-inches deep.

Does this model have a handle or not?

Excellent question and we don’t have a very good answer. The photos on Amazon would have you believe there is one. However, having read the reviews, looks like most people receive a version of the box without a handle. That’s good to know in advance, so you won’t be surprised should you decide to purchase this model.


Does the rim on the bottom part effective in sealing pee even though the cat sprays on the side?

According to reviewers,  it does. The box is sturdy and well designed so that neither litter nor spray comes out (unless your cat decided to shoot them out of the front opening, of course).

The Petmate Jumbo Covered Litter Box – Pros and Cons


  • Good, effective design that makes a sturdy well-sealed box.
  • A wide opening that lets cats in and out easily.
  • A large box that’s a good fit for larger cats too


  • No handle – despite what’s shown in the image
  • No flap door which is a disadvantage if you happen to be looking for that particular feature.


Overall, the Petmate Jumbo Covered Litter Box is ideal for people looking for a sturdy litter-box that offers a large space and intuitive usage. It offers good litter containment thanks to the perfectly locked-in hood.

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