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Looking for an effective way to clean your cat’s litter without scooping? Prefer to avoid electric self-cleaning machines? The SmartSift litter box could be what you’re looking for.

What is the SmartSift litter box?

How does the SmartSift litter box work? All you have to do when you want to clean it is pull the large lever on the box. This turns the entire contents of the tray upside down, sifting the clumps of used litter and depositing them in a special compartment. Remaining clean litter than gets places back in the tray for further use by your cat.

There are no motorized parts either so the whole operation is 100% manual. This is a very simple procedure that doesn’t take special use of force so even a child can pull the lever and instantly clean the litter box. This apparatus will eliminate litter scooping from your life. Keeping your kitty happy with clean litter can be as easy as one pull of a lever a day, and a weekly emptying of the deposit compartment.

Because it’s not operated by an electricity, you don’t have to worry about plugging it in, or about replacing expensive motor parts down the road.

Clearly a lot of thought went into the design of this product! The attention to detail is clear when you look at the SmartSift litter box’ list of features –

  • A top maintenance hatch for replenishing litter
  • A see-through window that allows you to constantly monitor the box without having to open it
  • Dual cat pan liners (included with your purchase)
  • A carbon pad that helps keep the box ventilated while keeping odors at bay

If you’re considering purchasing this system, take a couple of minutes to view this clip. It shows the SmartSift litter box in action and provides basic information by the manufacturer –


The SmartSift Litter Box FAQ

How often should you clean this box?

According to the manufacturer, using the leve once a day should be enough. You would then need to empty the storage compartment every two weeks. These frequencies are stated with a single cat in mind. If you have more than one cat, you may need to clean the box more often.

What type of litter should you use?

You need to use a clumping litter with the SmartSift. Any kind of clumping litter is fine so if you’re switching to this box and are happy with your current brand of clumping cat litter, stick to it. It will be easier for your cat to adjust to a new box if you use the same litter.

How big is the SmartSift system?

The SmartSift litter box measures at 26.6 x 19.3 x 18.5 inches. It weighs 16.42 pounds.

Is that enough for a large cat?

That would depend on the size of the cat. One Amazon reviewer mentioned that the box was not large enough for his Maine Coon cats who each weigh 14 lbs. Other reviewers felt it was very large and their cats had no issue with its size.

What reviewers liked about the SmartSift litter box

Reviewers like the ease of litter cleaning. One reviewer recommends using the level slowly and mentioned this –

So easy to clean that most of the time we just walk by it and use the cleaning cycle since it is so easy and therefore smell is not any issue. The cats love the clean litter all the time, too.

Another customer said –
It’s very easy to empty the soiled clumps by just unlocking the handle of the rotating litter pan and then tipping it so the unused litter falls through the grate into a holding chamber while the dirty stuff drops into the bottom waste drawer. Then you just lock the handle back in place and — voilà! — no fuss, the fresh litter is ready for use!

A clean litter box means no odors and happy cats and owners!

What reviewers didn’t like about the SmartSift litter box

Some reviewers said the plastic lever didn’t hold up well over time. Even when not breaking, the lever sometimes loses its position, making cleaning more difficult –

After 2 months of use, the plastic receptacle is stressed and the handle no longer fits securely, so rotating the tray to empty it doesn’t work so well.

Some cats spray their urine on the sides of their litter box. With the SmartSift this can be a problem as urine can collect in the sides of the container where there is no litter to absorb it. If your cat tends to urinate higher up instead of digging in and using the litter, this could be an issue.

Tips for using the SmartSift litter box

We collected a few important tips based on hundreds of reviews by Amazon users

  1. Use oiling spray on the box before the first use. This will prevent litter from sticking to the box, making cleaning much easier.
  2. Remove the flip door if your cat doesn’t like it.
  3. Use the lever very slowly. The system will sift the litter more thoroughly this way and you’ll prevent breakage.

In Summary

The SmartSift litter box can be a good investment for if you’re looking for a no scoop litter box. This is not an automatic self-cleaning litter box because you still have to pull the lever daily to keep it clean. However, it’s as close as it gets to a self-cleaning box without the hassle and added cost of using electricity or expensive motors.

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  1. How about making the box and opening wider for large cats and some kind of step in front for cats with short legs (Munchkins, Persians, Himalayans) or tiny cats and kittens? A bump in the middle of the drawer to make litter fall to the sides like the Litter Robot has would also help. This is the answer to the high price of the Litter Robot

    1. Great idea, Irena! It’s always a good idea to make a litter box larger. Hopefully the designers of the SmartSift will read your comment someday.

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