So Phresh Litter Box

Are you looking for a chic yet durable cat litter box? How about a litter box that fits perfectly with different kinds of rims and hoods? The So Phresh Litter Box might be the answer to your mix-and-match wishes!

Are you looking for a chic yet durable cat litter box? How about a litter box that fits perfectly with different kinds of rims and hoods?

Cat covering itself with blanket, So Phresh Litter Box

The So Phresh Litter Box might be the answer to your mix-and-match wishes!

What is the So Phresh Litter Box?

The So Phresh Litter Box is an open litter box that allows cat owners to opt for a hood or a rim or just go with a plain litter box. Cat owners may choose from varying sizes and cute designs of hoods and rims because whatever the size is, it would perfectly fit the basic So Phresh litter box.

This litter box is so easy to use and promises longer usage. The So Phresh Litter Box is made up of a reinforced bottom and rim design that is bound to provide durability and extra strength.

How Do You Take Care Of Your So Phresh Litter Box?

Just like any other litter box, it is best to clean this one whenever it gets dirty. That would basically depend on the type of litter you're using, so check out our full guide about how often to clean a litter box.

When cleaning time arrives, it's best not to use harsh soaps which could leave a strong odor. Cats have sensitive noses and a strong strange smell could make your cat avoid the litter box.

This litter box doesn't have depressions or cracks so it doesn't tend to  trap litter. Scooping the litter is very easy so make sure you do that on a daily basis - at least once a day.

How Big is The So Phresh Litter Box?

This versatile litter box comes in two sizes -

  • Large: Base Height - 4.5" Width - 14.75" Length - 19.5"
  • Extra Large: Base Height - 5" Width - 17" Length" - 22.25"

Based on the reviews on Amazon, the large size box best fits small to medium-sized cats. The XL box fits larger cats.

What Reviewers Liked About the So Phresh Litter Box        

What cat owners really like about this product is how it fits in small spaces around the house. One reviewer said -

The boxes are the perfect size in large for a small space. The XL box is much roomier and with the lid a bit taller than the large. We use one XL and one L for our three cats.

A cat litter box that does not take up so much space but still accommodates a cat is a great solution indeed, especially if you need to fit a litter box into a relatively small apartment!

What Reviewers Did Not Like About the So Phresh Litter Box

The dimensions of this product is not indicated on Amazon. One reviewer said that he had to return it because it was too small than his current litter box.

I was trying to replace one of my smaller cat litter boxes that measures 21-inches long by 17-inches wide by 6-inches tall. When i received the So Phresh cat litter box it was much smaller in every dimension than the one I already had, so I returned it to Petco who sent it to me.

Does the So Phresh Litter Box come with a rim or hood?

The litter box already does a great job by itself because it contains pellets and granules quite well. However, if you have a digger on your hands that likes to throw litter all over the place, you can get a rim or a hood. You can buy them separately or bundled with the original So Phresh open litter box. A hood would keep litter out of sight and reduce granule scatter.

Some cats tend to urinate standing up and they might accidentally spray outside the box. If you have that problem, the hood can help contain the urine inside the box. Just make sure to regularly take off the hood and clean the urine stain, to prevent a stench.

Speaking of the smell, never count on a hood to reduce the odor emanating from the litter box. Yes, if the box smells, you could trap some of the stench under the hood. But you shouldn't. When you do that, your cat suffers and could eventually avoid the stinking box. What you should do instead if use good quality litter and then scoop regularly - once or twice a day as may be necessary. Keep the litter box odorless by keeping it clean.

The So Phresh Gray Open Cat Litter Box does not take up a lot of space because of its manageable size. An added hood or rim doesn't take up more floor space. They just add a bit to the height.

Where Can You Get The Separate Hood Or Rim 

Amazon has those available. For the separate hood or rim, one of the best sellers is this item:

It comes in an elegant grey color to match the base. The flip door can be taken off for easy cleaning. The hood itself helps prevents litter from being scattered around and there's a carbon filter to help remove odors. You can easily remove the entire top using the easy-to-carry handles - something that you'll have to do every day when you scoop the box.

This hood’s size is 19.7" x 15.3" x 10.5" inches and weighs 2.5 pounds. What reviewers liked most about it is that the door is easily removable and the lid can be partially opened so cats can peek out anytime.

And now for the fun hoods! Check out this nifty designs for hoods -

So Phresh Meow Hood

So Phresh Funny Cat with Yarn Hood

So Phresh Litter Box - The Covered Version

If you are hoping for a product that has the So Phresh basic litter box and the basic hood in one packaging, you are in luck. Here's the complete bundle, making this into a proper covered box:

This So Phresh Jumbo Enclosed Litter Box is great for cat owners who have more than one cat. One reviewer said that she has two huge cats and this litter box with a hood fits their needs perfectly.

Another reviewer said that So Phresh Jumbo Enclosed Litter Box is great for older cats.

The lower front entrance works well for older cats, especially if they become arthritic in any way. Once I bought this one, my cat stopped using the older one with the higher front.

Before You Buy the So Phresh  Litter Box

Just to recap on a few tips we mentioned in this review.

  • Get the large version if you have smaller cats and don't have a lot of floor space to spare.
  • If your cat is larger, opt for the extra large version.
  • If you want to mix and match, get the items separately. Otherwise, if you need a hood, go for the bundled up covered version.





  1. Hello,

    We love the So Phresh litter box. We’ve had cats since the beginning of time and this is the ONLY box that controls odor.
    Unfortunately one of the door hinges recently broke off after only having it for 2 months. Is there any way to reconcile this situation without having to purchase an entire new box?

    Please and Thank you

    • Hi Shafeah,
      Thanks for stopping by and letting us know about your So Phresh box! We’re not the manufacturer so can’t help you directly. Have you tried contacting the manufacturer? So Phresh is actually a brand that’s owned by Petco. According to their website, this is their phone number for customer service – (877) 738-6742. If you bought the box through Amazon you can try their customer service too. The manufacturer should be able to help you with a replacement hinge that would hopefully make for a quick painless fix!

  2. This is the worst litter box we have ever owned. The lid will not snap on. We have put in sifting liners in and we have to take about 10 off the pile. What a waste of liners. After you pour the litter in the bag sinks and there is no room to apply the rubber band. Do you are pulling the bags up and moving litter around to get a good fit around the base to get enough for the band. And, still slides down.

    I have a bad back and I should not have to get a full body workout changing litter.

    Back to the lid snapping on. All four sides of the snaps have cracked and are falling off. We have to secure the lid with a bungee cord.

    For the price we paid this is ridiculous.

    We are not the type of people that can keep buying litter boxes to accommodate a crying cat.

    • Sorry to hear this was a bad experience for you. Thank you for sharing your review with other cat owners!

  3. I have the jumbo tray but never got a lid. Now I need to move my box & want a lid but the lids on Amazon only seem to come in medium & large. My local Petco & Petsmart don’t have Jumbo lids anymore either. Where can I get one?

    • Sounds like you should contact the manufacturer in this case. Sometimes they stop making a product but may have a few items left in their storage facilities.

  4. Can you buy a replacement door for the hood? Our cat broke it off and our dog chewed it up… Not sure what to do.

    • Hi Abigayle,
      You should try calling Petco at this number – 877-738-6742. They should be able to help you out.

  5. Hello
    I purchased a Sophresh litterbox from Petco and not long after the swinging door broke. Can I get a replacement?

    • Hi Kerry,
      Have you tried asking at the Petco where you bought the litter box? They should be able to help you out there.

  6. Hello I just bought a litter box, Hood and Zeolite Charcoal Filters and can not figure out hw to put then in. Please help!

  7. Is it possible to get a replacement door for the jumbo So Phresh litter box?

  8. How do I contact the Phresh litter box company. Petco has been no help. I purchase the extra large box, and when you push your hand in the center of the brand new box, it makes a popping noise and the inside of the box moves. I don’t want to freak out a new kitten, and maybe once the litter is in the box, the bottom won’t “move” or make popping noises Please help

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