Can You Use World’s Best Cat Litter in the Litter-Robot? [Answered]

The Litter-Robot is an automatic self-cleaning litter box that makes cat care convenient. But can you use any litter in it? Specifically, can you use the World's Best Cat Litter in the Litter-Robot?

According to the manufacturer, the World's Best clumping corn litter can be used in the Litter-Robot.

Its medium-grain clumps are suitable for the Litter-Robot's sifting process.

However, frequent waste removal and cleanup is recommended for optimal performance.

Let's dig into the details.

Why is the World's Best Litter Compatible with the Litter-Robot?

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The World's Best Cat Litter has super-absorbent granules that form scoopable clumps, making it compatible with the Litter-Robot's sifting mechanism.

However, the natural corn grains are lighter than traditional clay litter. Thus, the Litter-Robot may need extra cycles to remove waste fully.

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How the Litter-Robot Works

The Litter-Robot automatically rakes waste into a covered compartment via a patented sifting system after each use.

A globe of litter rotates, allowing clumps to fall through a screen into the waste drawer while leaving clean litter behind.

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Special Considerations for Using the World's Best Cat Litter in the Litter-Robot

Close up view of Worlds Best cat litter for sale inside a grocery store.

World's Best is a natural litter made from corncobs, which is lightweight, flushable, and dust-free.

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This makes it a good choice for cats with allergies, but it also requires some special considerations when using it in a Litter-Robot.

1. Check and empty the waste drawer often.

World's Best is more likely to clog the waste drawer than other litter, so it is important to check it more frequently.

Depending on how much your cat uses the litter box, you may need to empty it every day or two.

2. Remove stuck clumps/grains manually between cycles. 

Cat litter with purple particels for lavender scent Can be used as product photo or cat littler packaging mock up element Pebble texture - world's best litter in the litter-robot

If any clumps or grains of litter get stuck in the Litter-Robot, they can prevent the unit from working properly.

You can remove these by hand between cycles.

3. Spot-clean the globe interior weekly. 

The corn dust in World's Best can collect in the globe interior, leading to tracking issues.

To prevent this, spot-clean the globe interior with a damp cloth once a week.

4. Transition gradually to reduce tracking issues. 

When you first switch to World's Best, your cat may track some of the litter out of the box.

To reduce this, transition gradually by mixing World's Best with your old litter. Over time, you can increase the amount of World's Best until your cat uses it exclusively.

While World's Best requires some extra care, it can be a great choice for cats with allergies. With a little extra attention, it can work well in a Litter-Robot.

Here are bonus tips to consider:

Use a litter mat.

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world's best litter in the litter-robot

A litter mat can help catch any litter your cat tracks out of the box.

Place the Litter-Robot in a low-traffic area. 

This will help reduce the litter your cat tracks around the house.

Clean the Litter-Robot regularly. 

This will help to prevent the build-up of corn dust and other debris.

Allow some adjustment time to ensure World's Best performs optimally in the Litter-Robot. With a little extra care, it can work well!

Balancing Convenience and Care with the World's Best in the Litter-Robot

An eight pound bag of original unscented World's Best Cat Litter on a white background. world's best litter in the litter-robot

The Litter-Robot revolutionizes cat care, offering a hands-free solution to litter maintenance.

While World's Best Cat Litter is a unique choice due to its natural composition and benefits, it demands more attention when used with this automated system. But the payoff?

A clean, efficient, and healthier environment for your feline friend. Remember the special considerations, use our bonus tips, and enjoy the benefits of a harmonious cat-loving household!

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