Van Ness Large Covered Litter Box – a Good Idea?

Have you been hoping for a miracle product that would lessen the odor emanating from your cat’s litter box? It’s time to stop hoping because Van Ness large covered litter box is the answer to ever cat owner’s dilemma.

What Is The Van Ness Large Covered Litter Box?

This litter box clearly targets cat owners who are trying to eliminate the smell of the litter box in their home.

Sounds like a good idea? Well, yes and no.

Yes – because no one should live with litter box odors in any room. But no – because the way to decrease or eliminate litter box odors is not by trying to enclose them within a covered litter box. There are better solutions for actually eliminating litter box smells, rather than keeping the outside of the box smelling fresh and letting kitty suffocate with the stench inside.

How does this litter box try to reduce litter box odor?

The Van Ness covered box focuses on creating a closed environment with carbon filters separating the air inside the box from the room. Which sounds good but in essence really means foul smell gets trapped inside the box. Both the top and the rear of the litter box have black carbon filters.

As many other covered boxes, the Van Ness model comes with a kitty flap through which your cat can enter and exit. In this case the door is fairly heavy too, probably to limit any air circulation through the opening. This is not a problem for a healthy adult cat but some reviewers mention that it was too heavy for kittens – to the point that they had to remove the door.


This is not a self-cleaning box

You will still have to scoop and clean the litter box. We can’t stress that enough. Granted, the manufacturer never makes the claim that the box cleans itself. However it does seem to be like they’re targeting people who want to an odorless box with less effort, so it’s worth saying again.

You will need to clean the box regularly.

If you’re currently having a litter box odor problem – getting a covered litter box with a heavy flap and double carbon filters is not a real solution. What you need to so is clean more often, to make sure the box smells good – inside, as well as out.

That isn’t to say this is not a good litter box. It is. It’s roomy and large and made of quality stain-resistant material. It’s a great covered box if that’s what you need. Just don’t take it as an excuse to reduce the frequency of cleaning the box.

How Big is The Van Ness Large Covered Litter Box?

The product comes in just one size. The dimensions are: 19.5″ x 15.25″ x 17″. It is 5. 18 pounds. That’s relatively large though not one of the largest cat boxes out there.

The Van Ness Large Covered Litter Box – Pros and Cons


  • Owners of this box say it’s very durable
  • Prevents cats from kicking litter out
  • Easy to clean


  • It can take longer for you to smell what’s in the box – which could potentially mean a stinkier box for your cat to use.
  • The door may be too massive for younger kittens (though you really should offer them an open litter box anyway.

Van Ness Large Covered Litter Box

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