How To Help Your Cat?

Excessive Digging in the Litter Box

Stopping or helping a cat with a digging habit isn't overly complicated. It often comes down to a behavioral issue, health problem, or they don't like/feel safe in their litter box environment.

We found a few ways to help curb this behavior. 

Visiting the Vet

Your first step would be looking for clues or signs of distress. If the digging is a new behavior, a vet visit should be the next thing on your agenda

Cleaning the Litter Box

Cleaning your cat's litter box is one of the more obvious solutions, but still essential nonetheless. Cats aren't any different from humans when it comes to dealing with filth around their spaces.

Trying a Different Litter

These litter types are much better for the environment and safer to use. Meanwhile, clay and silica-based options tend to produce dust that can cause health issues.

Try an Uncovered Litter Box

Switching to an uncovered litter box can solve this issue without much trouble. It'll remove the temptation, and those bathroom visits won't be as adventurous for your cat.

Move the Litter Box

We recommend placing them in an area without much disturbance and giving them much-needed privacy.

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