How To Stop Cat From Playing In Litter Box

How To Stop Cat From Playing In Litter Box

The first preventative measure is making sure there are enough litter boxes within your home. Experts recommend one box per cat, plus one extra in most cases.

Setting Up More Litter Boxes


An open, uncovered litter box type encourages more playing than other litter boxes. Therefore, if you're having these issues when using an open model, switch to a covered litter box.

Switch To A New Litter Box Type


Keep The Litter Box Well Maintained And Clean

If your cat is tossing around their litter, it's time to clean it out and put fresh litter inside. You can also avoid this problem by keeping up-to-date with cleaning it.


Cats who are experiencing stress can take it out on their litter box. So, purchasing a few plug-in diffusers can help alleviate those feelings.

Try Using Plug-In Diffusers


Providing your cats with other areas to release their pent-up energy is always a good idea. We recommend investing in cozy beds, cat trees, or even setting up cardboard boxes.

Provide Them With Other Play Areas And Toys



Fill The Litter Box With Less Litter

One of the most straightforward solutions is giving them less litter to fling around your home. Your cat won't have as much fun playing in a litter box with a smaller amount of litter.

In some cases, a cat may use the litter box as a hiding spot or place to de-stress. You can help them deal with these feelings by providing them with extra love and attention.

Make An Effort To Meet Your Cat's Emotional Needs