9 White Litter Boxes To Match Any Home Decor Theme

A white litter box can not only be clean – it will look clean too!

Whether you choose to place the litter box in the living room or in a bedroom, it shouldn’t be an eyesore. And many brands understand that, offering beautiful litter boxes in a variety of colors, including white.

9 Gorgeous White Litter Boxes To Match Any Home Decor ThemeWhite is a great color to work with. It blends in well with many color pallettes, especially in contemporary, modern or Scandinavian home decor styles. As you’ll see, many of the litter boxes on this list don’t need to blend in. They’re pretty enough to stand out and become the focal point of their little corner.

We have both open and covered boxes in this list. If you are indeed shopping for an uncovered litter box, just remember that most hooded boxes (though not all) can easily be converted into open designs, simply by taking the top off! And now, let’s get to the white litter boxes parade.

White Litter Boxes Without A Hood

An open design is what many cats prefer and therefore many owners choose to buy. If this is what you’re looking for, here are some great options for non-hooded litter boxes in white.

Rubbermaid 8-1/2 gallon White box

Yes, we’re going to share designer boxes here as well, but wanted to first remind everyone that the simple options are sometimes the right ones.

The Rubbermaid box isn’t a designated litter box but many cat owners use it successfully all the same. It’s affordable, practical and many actually enjoy the simple lines.

There’s not a whole lot to be said for it in terms of interior design, but it would work with a clean modern room, or possibly an industrial-style one.

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(And keep reading – some really gorgeous white litter box coming!)

Iris Corner Litter Box with Hood and Handle

If you’re looking for an open box in white that will fit nicely in the corner of a room, look no further. The Iris corner litter box is technically almond-colored but that’s really a lovely version of creamy white.

It’s not just a pretty litter box, though. This model is very practical, with the sides and back high enough to keep litter in and reduce spillage. The interior is made of polished plastic, to help prevent soiled litter from sticking.

And you get a matching litter scoop with the Iris corner box, so that everything is in the same gentle blanched hues.

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Lucky Champ Cat Litter Pan

Simple and elegant – and all white! – the Lucky Champ litter box is another great non-hooded option.

It’s not only spacious, measuring at 25″ x 16.5″ on the outside and 18″ X 12″ on the inside, but also offers a low entry point. That’s great for older or arthritic cats, and also for young kittens. Just keep in mind that the low entry point also means more litter will get out, especially if your kitty likes to kick around in the litter.

This is a high-quality box made of non-porous low-stick smooth plastic. Definitely one to consider if your cat seems to be having problems hopping into its current box.

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White covered litter boxes

Do you prefer to cover the litter box? If you’re trying to keep the look in a room fresh and clean, then you may want to go beyond just choosing white. To avoid seeing the contents of the box, getting a covered one makes sense.

Remember that not all cats like the covered setup. Read more here Do Cats like Covered Litter Boxes?

However, if your kitty is ok with that option, here are a few hooded litter boxes that come in the alabaster look.

Petmate Clean Step Booda Dome in white

You may already be familiar with this famous litter box by Petmate. At the time, this was a very innovative design, now copies and adjusted by other brands too.

The Booda Dome is fully rounded, offering a clean and simple look. Being white means it’s easier to keep it clean both on the inside and outside too.

The “Clean Step” version of this box offers an internal set of steps leading in and out of the litter area. That helps with reducing litter tracking, as your cat’s little paws lose most of the litter while he is walking over the steps.

This is a high-quality box that many cat owners love. However, it may be less suitable for very large cats as the dome limits the interior to some extent.

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Favorite Top-Entry Hooded Cat Litter Box

It’s not that this is our favorite litter box – “Favorite” is the brand name of this design offered at Amazon. This could easily become your favorite though, thanks to its unique design.

What makes the design so special? First, the shape of the box has beautiful streaming round lines, with an almost-white, light beige base and an opaque semi-translucent cover. What really makes it stand out though, is that clever paw shape on the top of the cover.

Top entry boxes are great for preventing litter from escaping the enclosed space. While every type of hood helps with that to some extent, with a top entry one, even serious litter kickers can’t get anything out. This can also be a good solution for dogs who like to stick their heads into the box and well, examine the findings.

Just keep in mind that top-entry litter boxes are usually not a good fit for older or arthritic cats, or for young kittens.

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The Modkat Top Entry Litter Box

If you’re not familiar with the Modkat concept, you’re in for a treat. This is not just any top-entry litter box.

The Modkat award-winning design not only keeps litter within the box simply by having a lid with top entry. It also reduces tracking to a minimum by including multiple holes in the cover itself. That way, once your cat climbs out of the box, he’s actually wiping off his paws, sending excess litter back in.

The design isn’t just nifty and practical. It’s also downright beautiful. If you’re looking for a sleek modern look – this could very well be the box for you. With its elegant build in true-white plastic, it will be a great match for your contemporary decor scheme. The top is actually light gray, but that doesn’t take away from the overall clean, white look.

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Catit White Tiger Jumbo Litter Box

If you need the box to be 100% white, move along to other options. But if your room has a black and white color scheme, and you’re looking for a box that’s mostly white – this one is perfect.

This model by Catit is hugely practical simply because it’s a large covered box. No bells and whistles – just a sturdy two-way door to allow your cat in and out, and enough internal space for him or her to turn around and use the box with east.

Design-wise? It’s beautiful! Alabaster white smooth shiny plastic, matched with a black and white striped print on the top of the box. The handles come in the same design as the top. The manufacturer dubbed this a “tiger” design. Don’t tell Kitty, but we think it’s more zebra-ish… Either way, it looks great!

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Pet Select Deluxe Covered Litter Box

Ever dreamed of a white wicker litter box? Now you can fulfill your interior design fantasy! Of course, wicker is not a practical material of which to make litter boxes, so this one is made of quality plastic instead. It does a great job of mimicking the intricate pattern of wicker though.

And the scoop won’t be an eye sore either! Finally, you can focus on getting a practical scoop that works, keeping it out of sight when not in use by utilizing the attached storage compartment. That storage tray is about 5 inches deep and slides in and out, so you can easily remove it when you’re cleaning the box.

Though spacious and massive, this box is surprisingly lightweight, at only 6.3 pounds when empty. Easy to maneuver when you need to move it around for cleaning.

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KittyTwister DUO Barrel-shaped white litter box

For an ultra-modern look in stylish polished white plastic, consider the KittyTwister.

This barrel-shaped box is large and spacious, with symmetrical top and bottom. The pieces are identical, so you could actually create two open litter boxes from it. That can come in useful if your cat turns out to be a “covered box hater”.

The round interior is a favorite with some cat owners, who prefer to avoid having to scoop corners. And the quality and visibly-sleek plastic has non-stick properties, to the extent that the manufacturer says you don’t need to use liners.

The simple shape works well with any room design but would be ideal for contemporary modern decor themes.

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Poopoopeedo white box by SinDesign

Last but certainly not least on our parade of white litter boxes is the well-named Poopoopeedo litter box. And if the name rings French, that’s because this is in fact a box that’s designed and made in France!

And design is the name of the game here. It’s so pretty, it can actually be used a cat bed – not just a litter box. Though of course, you’d need to get two Poopoopeedos if you want to utilize it for both sleeping and litter box usage.

Let’s talk about the design for a bit. This is an egg-shaped box that’s available in five colors, one of them being pure white. It has a contemporary space-age feel, with nothing protruding out of the egg shape. If you want to hold it up, you use the paw-shaped holes at the top! How clever is this?

While owners of this box rave about the design, they also mention how practical the Poopoopeedo is. It’s sleek interior easy to clean, thanks to the coat of sleek no-stick plastic inside. And did we mention how gorgeous it is yet?

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So, which box did you like best? Leave us a comment to let us know what you think about this list!

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