Zoe Purrington

Zoe Purrington

Zoe Purrington the pen name for our resident cat care expert with over 20 years of hands-on experience. Specializing in the 'nitty-gritty' of litter box solutions, she’s committed to helping you find the purr-fect fit for your feline friend. A seasoned cat parent and cat expert, Zoe believes that a clean litter box equals a happy home.

Can You Scoop Non-Clumping Litter?

Cat litterbox with natural flushable biodegradable tofu litter with green tea powder fragrance, Can You Scoop Non-Clumping Litter?

Cats are curious creatures, aren’t they? Some of our feline friends have a distinct preference for the texture of non-clumping litter. This unique litter type does a stellar job locking away odors and absorbing liquids, but it poses a common…

Wood Pellet Cat Litter Pros And Cons

Bengal cat pees in its cat toilet, Wood Pellet Cat Litter Pros And Cons

Wood pellet litter is turning heads in the cat community. Why? Well, it’s hailed as a healthier alternative to the usual suspects on the cat litter shelf. The eco-friendly credentials, natural ingredients, and superb odor control make it a favorite…

Does Cat Litter Dissolve in Water?

Cat litter box with scoop on wooden floor1600x900

With so many cat litter brands boasting about their unique features, you might wonder, “Does cat litter dissolve in water?” Especially when some products boldly claim to be “flushable.” It’s tempting to think we can just drop our feline friend’s…

6 Kinds of Cat Litter with Charcoal

Blue and white litter box with sand inside intended for cat litter, 6 Kinds of Cat Litter with Charcoal

When you’re fighting tough litter box odors, the best result is no scent at all. For optimal, odor elimination, you might try cat litter that is specially formulated with activated charcoal. We’ve researched this super absorbent, odor-eating element to tell…