Where Can You Recycle Litter Boxes

What to do with the old litter box once you buy a new one? Here are a bunch of ideas on how to recycle and re-use old litter boxes to help reduce plastic waste in landfills.

Where Can You Hide The Litter Box (And Should You)

Out of sight, out of mind – is that really a good idea when we’re talking about the litter box? Let’s talk about when you can – and when you shouldn’t – hide the litter box and what the alternatives are.

Can You Use Sand Instead of Cat Litter?

Looking into litter alternatives? Maybe sand could be what you’re looking for. We reviewed the pros and cons so you can see if this is a good solution for your cat and you.

How to Make a DIY Litter Box

You don’t have to buy a litter box. It’s entirely possible to make one – or more – for your cat. Let us show you how.