How To Get Clumping Cat Litter Out Of Carpet

Choosing the perfect cat litter for your cat is a matter of personal preference between human and animal. While non-clumping cat litter is often more desirable because it is less expensive than clumping litter, both types have benefits and drawbacks.

Cat Litter And Carpet

In addition to keeping the cat litter box clean, one needs to know how to handle cat litter in unexpected places. It is important to become familiar with the ingredients in your choice brand of cat litter along with helpful cleaning agents.

How To Clean Cat Litter

Thankfully, vinegar isn't toxic to cats and shouldn't pose any dangers. If a cat does accidentally consume baking soda, it can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, or worse.

Safe Cleaning Tips

Before you vacuum your carpet, change out the bag. A full bag will reduce effectiveness.

How To Get Dry Kitty Litter Out Of Carpet

If you don't have a vacuum, sweep up the litter in your carpet or pick up the pieces with packaging tape. You can also run a carpet sweeper over the area or scrub at the carpet with a brush and pick up pieces with a paper towel.

How To Get Litter Out Of Carpet Without Vacuum