How To Get Clumping Cat Litter Out Of Carpet

When you have a feline companion running about, clumping cat litter comes in handy. But it doesn't take long for clumping cat litter to make a mess, especially on carpet, and it can lead to stains or unwanted damage if left untreated. So, how do you get clumping cat litter out of the carpet? We did the research to bring you the answer.

When cat litter gets outside of the box and lands on your carpet, you will need to select an appropriate solution. Choose a cleaning solution that easily removes cat litter and stains without damaging the carpet.

Continue reading to learn more about dealing with cat litter in carpet. We will explore how to remove bits of litter from carpet flooring with a vacuum, broom, and even packaging tape. Without further ado, let's get into it.

Scooping the cat clumping litter on the litterbox, How To Get Clumping Cat Litter Out Of Carpet

Cat Litter And Carpet

Choosing the perfect cat litter for your cat is a matter of personal preference between human and animal. While non-clumping cat litter is often more desirable because it is less expensive than clumping litter, both types have benefits and drawbacks.

High sided cat litter tray, bentonite absorbent and scoop on floor

Clumping cat litter is designed to make quick removal of urine and feces a cinch. Thanks to bentonite and other naturally absorbent ingredients in clumping cat litter, keeping a clean, low-odor box is easy.

It is critical to keep the box filled with enough litter and clean it regularly. Depending on how many cats use a litter box, you may need to clean more frequently. Cats can track litter onto your carpet, which should be promptly removed.

Keep in mind, cats do not like using a dirty, overfilled litter box. Seeing a lot of cat litter, stains, or other pet-related damage to the carpet because of a dirty litter box is no fun.

How To Clean Cat Litter

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In addition to keeping the cat litter box clean, one needs to know how to handle cat litter in unexpected places. It is important to become familiar with the ingredients in your choice brand of cat litter along with helpful cleaning agents.

Sometimes it isn't possible to vacuum up tiny pieces of cat litter, so other solutions will have to suffice. Vinegar and baking soda are natural household cleaners that help neutralize odors, lift away stains, and are easy to find at stores.

Be prepared to clean up biodegradable, clumping, non-clumping, crystal or silica litter. Depending on whether you have cat litter or stains on walls, carpets, or furniture, you may wish to apply a disinfectant after removing pieces.

Get ready to apply soapy water, diluted vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide with a spray bottle or dampened sponge. You can also use a wet cleaning cloth. Take your time and inspect the area you are cleaning thoroughly to ensure it is clean.

Safe Cleaning Tips

Long hair fur carpet cleaning and stain removal

Be cautious when using baking soda to clean carpeted flooring and litter boxes. Ingesting this natural deodorizing cleaning agent is harmful to cats. As little as one teaspoon of baking soda can prove highly toxic if consumed.

Thankfully, vinegar isn't toxic to cats and shouldn't pose any dangers. If a cat does accidentally consume baking soda, it can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, or worse.

Only use cleaning agents that are safe for pets and humans, and don't leave behind any residue or lingering odors. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and review the ingredients of products for potential hazards or allergy triggers.

Try cleaning up stains with an approved pet stain remover if you are having difficulties after using soapy water, vinegar, or baking soda.

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How To Get Dry Kitty Litter Out Of Carpet

After a cat relieves themselves in the litter box, it is common for litter to get tracked around the house and get embedded in carpet. 

Woman cleaning the carpet in living room

Run a vacuum or carpet sweeper over the carpet to pick up as much litter as possible. Sweep your carpet thoroughly and pick up any litter with packaging tape or by hand. 

Before you vacuum your carpet, change out the bag. A full bag will reduce effectiveness. Quickly remove litter from your flooring and furniture, as the smell of animal urine will make it an attractive place for cats to relieve themselves.

Add a little deodorizer to your carpet and let it sit for an hour before vacuuming it up. When you have a pet, regularly deep clean your carpet to lift away any foul odors and discourage your cat from any improper use of your carpet.

How Do You Get Hardened Cat Litter Out Of Carpet

Don't fret if you have hardened cat litter trapped in your carpet. With the help of an enzyme cleaner, soaking the affected area with a bit of diluted vinegar and water, or hydrogen peroxide, you can loosen the litter.

Agitate the litter in the carpet fibers after soaking it in your choice of cleaning solution. Try your best to brush it up and out of the carpet with a scrub brush or rough cloth. Pick up what you can and allow the area to dry before vacuuming.

You may want to pick up any pieces of litter that you lift out with a paper towel or your hand. Go back and forth between agitating the litter after wetting it down, allowing the carpet to dry, and vacuuming until it is all removed.

If you don't have a vacuum, use a wet brush to scrub vigorously at the litter. Don't forget to saturate the litter with a cleaning solution to help lift it from the carpet fibers.

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How To Get Litter Out Of Carpet Without Vacuum

If you don't have a vacuum, sweep up the litter in your carpet or pick up the pieces with packaging tape. You can also run a carpet sweeper over the area or scrub at the carpet with a brush and pick up pieces with a paper towel.

When there is cat litter in your carpet, make sure to neutralize any lingering odors of urine to prevent your cat from wanting to relieve themselves in the area. Shampoo your carpet or wash it down with vinegar and water and let it air dry.

If you are using a litter that has very fine particulates, repeatedly go over your carpet until there is no debris left behind. Any litter that is deeply embedded in carpet fibers may need to get a steam treatment to loosen and lift it away.

Work carefully, be patient, and eventually, you will be able to successfully remove litter from carpet without a vacuum. In the future, consider changing your carpet to one that is stain resistant and has a short pile to reduce problems.

How Do You Remove Cat Litter Stains

Sometimes cats will find ways to leave cat litter stains on walls near their litter box, on furniture, flooring, and other areas. If you stumble on unsightly stains, it's time to break out a scrub brush, sponge, or a sturdy cleaning cloth.

For walls, spray down the affected areas with your choice of natural cleaner or disinfecting agent. Wipe walls clean with a damp cloth and allow it to air dry. Make sure there are no odors of animal urine, fecal matter, or litter left behind.

When you notice stains on upholstered furniture or a carpet, you will need to soak the fibers in a cleaning solution and agitate it with an old toothbrush, scrubbing brush, or sponge. Repeat the cleaning process until the stains are lifted.

If you see any bits of cat litter where there are stains, make sure to vacuum or sweep them up and discard them in a garbage can—not the toilet. Throw away any cleaning cloths or sponges used to reduce the spread of parasites.

In Closing

After reading our article, we hope the next time you stumble on cat litter stains or litter in your carpet, you can clean it without worry. Occasionally our furry friends are naturally going to track kitty litter about the home, so things happen.

Whether a feline has litter loosened from it paws while running or the litter box is in dire need of cleaning, do your best to keep your space tidy. Keeping a clean home and cat litter in its place is best for animal and human health.

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