Litter Training Your Chihuahua Alongside Your Cat [A Guide]

If you have a cat and a Chihuahua at home, you may wonder if it's possible to litter train them together.

The good news is that with the right tools and techniques, you can teach your energetic Chihuahua to use the litter box alongside your feline friend.

A Chihuahua showing his owner its tongue - can you litter box train a chihuahua

This article will walk you through the ins and outs of this training method, from pups to adult Chihuahuas, and even the advantages of adopting this unique approach.

Dive in to see if a litter box could be the answer to your Chihuahua's potty predicament!

Exploring Chihuahua Litter Box Training

Size doesn't always match the spirit, and Chihuahuas are proof. The question on many Chihuahua owners' minds: Can these small dynamos be taught to use a litter box?

The short answer is yes; it is possible to litter box train a Chihuahua with time and consistency.

Chihuahuas can learn to use an indoor litter box with the right tools, tips, and tricks.

Housetraining a Chihuahua Puppy Alongside a Cat

When bringing home a Chihuahua puppy, it's important to housetrain them properly from the start. Take them out frequently and reward them with treats for going to the right spot.

Consider crate training between potty breaks to help avoid accidents.

A happy chihuahua inside an apartment - can you litter box train a chihuahua

Having an older, well-trained cat that uses the litter box can actually help demonstrate good bathroom habits.

Let your puppy watch your cat use their litter box. The puppy may start to associate the litter box smell with the right place to go.

Litter Training an Adult Chihuahua with a Cat in the Home

Adult Chihuahuas can also learn to use a litter box, though it takes time and dedication.

Look for a box with low walls and doggie litter your cat is accustomed to. Keep it in a shared space and stick to a routine.

Check out this low-entry litterbox on Amazon.

Your cat can set a good example by consistently using their box.

Reward your Chihuahua with treats and praise for attempting to use the litter box as well. Limit access until the habit sticks.

Transitioning a Chihuahua to Outdoors with a Resident Cat

Once your Chihuahua regularly uses their indoor litter box, you can start transitioning them to going outdoors by taking them out on a leash after meals and when waking up.

Your cat can stick to their own litter box routine indoors.

Your Chihuahua will learn to potty outside on walks and in the yard with repetition and rewards. However, having the litter box as a backup can be helpful.

Patience Is Key for Litter Training

While possible, litter training a Chihuahua alongside a cat does require time, routine and patience.

But with the right box, rewards system, and persistence, you can teach your tiny Chihuahua to share the same litter box habits as your cat.

A happy chihuahua sitting  down close to the hedge

Stay positive — your Chihuahua will get the hang of it!

Why Litter Train Chihuahuas? It has benefits too!

Litter box training can offer a range of benefits for Chihuahua owners.

Embracing litter box training not only grants Chihuahua owners the flexibility they need but also caters to their furry companion's specific requirements.

Dog owner picking up his chihuahua's poop

This training approach can be particularly invaluable for senior, sick, or differently-abled pets, potentially saving lives.

However, even for healthy Chihuahuas, the availability of an indoor litter box offers undeniable benefits.

Apartment Living

A cute chihuahua sleeping on the couch

For those residing in high-rise apartments without immediate yard access, litter box training provides a practical solution for Chihuahuas to meet their potty needs indoors.

Mobility Challenges

Owners are seeking indoor potty options due to mobility issues.

Also, a chihuahua's illness can find litter box training a convenient way to address their pet's requirements.

Elderly or Anxious Chihuahuas

An elderly white chihuahua resting on the sofa

Senior or anxious Chihuahuas who struggle to hold their bladder will find relief through litter box training, ensuring their comfort and well-being.

Housetraining Difficulties

Chihuahuas facing housetraining challenges can benefit from litter box training, offering them a designated spot to relieve themselves consistently.

Indoor Convenience

A cute chihuahua

Litter box training provides a practical solution for moments when taking the Chihuahua outside is not feasible.

Odor Control and Convenience

Owners who prioritize odor control and the convenience of an indoor toilet will appreciate the option of litter training for their Chihuahua.

A dog owner picking up after his dogggie poo

Ultimately, litter box training is a win-win situation, contributing to the well-being of the cherished pet and its devoted owner.

Common Challenges

Resistance to New Routine

Like all dogs, Chihuahuas thrive on routine. Switching from outdoor potty breaks to an indoor litter box might meet some resistance initially.

A happy chihuahua resting on the couch - can you litter box train a chihuahua

Overcoming this requires patience and positive reinforcement. Rewarding them with treats or praise when they use the litter box can help build a new routine.

Choosing the Right Litter Boxes and Materials for Each Pet

For the chihuahua, opt for a box with low entry sides and ample interior room to move around.

Avoid scented litters and stick to a dog-specific litter made to handle their urine consistency and odor.

Provide a roomy litter box with their preferred type of cat litter for your cat. Scoop daily to keep odor minimal. Place both boxes in easily accessible yet private spots.

Odor Management:

Dogs, even small ones like Chihuahuas, can produce stronger waste odors than cats.

Regular cleaning and choosing the right type of litter can help manage and minimize these odors.


While Chihuahuas are small, their litter boxes can take up more space than anticipated.

Finding a suitable and accessible location for the box in your home can sometimes be challenging.

Choosing the Right Litter Box and Materials

Size and Entry: Chihuahuas are small, but their litter box should still provide ample space for them to turn around and find a comfortable spot.

A low entry point can make it easier for them to get in and out.

Pouring cat litter onto blue litter box - can you litter box train a chihuahua

Materials: Plastic is a popular choice due to its durability and ease of cleaning. However, ensure it's a non-toxic material and free from harmful chemicals.

Type of Litter: Dog-specific litter is available in the market, designed to handle the consistency and odor of dog waste.

These are typically made from recycled newspapers or natural products. Avoid clumping or scented cat litter, as they may not be suitable for Chihuahuas.

Absorbency: Given the liquid volume of dog urine, the litter should be highly absorbent.

Placing a protective layer or mat under the litter box is also a good way to guard against spillage.

Location: The box should be placed in a quiet, accessible location. Avoid areas with high foot traffic or noise that might deter the Chihuahua from using it.

By understanding and considering these aspects, owners can create a conducive environment for their Chihuahuas to adapt to litter box training seamlessly.

Wrapping Up: Litter Training Your Cat and Chihuahua

Embarking on litter training both your cat and chihuahua may initially seem challenging. But with the right tools, patience and commitment, you can teach them to use their designated litter boxes indoors.

Remember that consistency is key. Stick to a routine schedule and always reward them for attempting to use their box. Be sure to choose litter boxes and types suitable for each specific pet's needs.

While it will take time and effort, especially when training two different animals, the payoff is worthwhile. You'll no longer have to rush either pet outside when nature calls!

With the convenience of indoor litter boxes tailored to both your cat and chihuahua, your pets will be content, and you'll have greater flexibility as an owner.

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