Scoopfree Litter Box Won’t Rake – What Could Be Wrong [Answered]

So, you're facing a peculiar problem. Your trusty Scoopfree litter box has suddenly decided to play hardball - the rake won't work. It's frustrating, we understand. You're left wondering, "What on earth could be wrong?" But don't fret! We've rolled up our sleeves and done the detective work for you.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore potential problems, how to rectify them, and maintenance tips to ensure smooth operation in the future. We're not just stopping there, we'll also get into different aspects of Petsafe's Scoopfree cat litter boxes that might also come up for you as issues.

Ready to become an expert in handling these pesky problems? Let's get started!

Curious kittens examining dirty cat sand in litter box, Scoopfree Litter Box Won't Rake - What Could Be Wrong

Scoopfree Litter Box Rake Issues: Common Causes and Fixes

The Scoopfree litter box rake usually fails for two primary reasons. It's either clogged with cat litter or the sensors need a good cleaning.

Troubleshooting Your Scoopfree Litter Box: Identifying the Problem

According to Petsafe, there are a few possible reasons the rake isn't working. Most commonly, people discover the rake is stuck, the cat litter is unevenly dispersed, or the sensors are filthy and require cleaning.

Before you troubleshoot the Scoopfree litter box, check if the indicator light at the back of the box is illuminated. Unplug the litter box and plug it back into a different outlet if it isn't.

If the light is on, proceed to the following troubleshooting steps listed below. Suppose the indicator light is not illuminated. Don't hesitate to get in touch with PetSafe customer service for assistance. 

Check the rake track

  1. Shake the box back and forth to loosen any trapped litter around the rake and the sides of the box. 
  2. Set the box on its back legs in a vertical position.
  3. Use an air duster spray to remove any pieces of litter caught in the rake. Place the box upright and press the manual rake button. Next, if the rake scoops properly, move it forward to the sensor section.

Check the rake sensor

  1. Wipe the sensors with a cotton swab, dipped in a small amount of alcohol.
  2. Hold your hand in front of the sensor for 5 to 10 seconds. The light should start to blink exactly 8 times per second when it detects your hand. Next, remove your hand, and the light should blink 4 times per second. 
  3. Set a small ball of wet paper towels in the litter box. Return in 20 minutes to see if the litter box automatically scooped the paper towels into the waste bin.  

How To Clean The Rake In The PetSafe Scoopfree Litter Box

Cleaning the rake is easy. Doing so will help ensure that the litter box continues to function correctly. 

  1. Spray the rake with an air duster to remove litter debris.
  2. Wipe the rake with unscented soap, and a wet towel to scrub the rake. 

How To Clean The Scoopfree Litter Box

Petsafe recommends cleaning the Scoopfree box every 30 days to maintain its functionality. 

  1. Remove the litter box cover and wipe it thoroughly with unscented soap and warm water.
  2. Clean the frame with soap and water.
  3. Pull the waste cover upwards and towards the back and wipe it thoroughly.
  4. Prop the litter box vertically.
  5. Spray the rake with an air duster to remove litter debris.
  6. Scrub the rake with unscented soap, and a wet towel. 

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How Often Should The Litter Trays Get Changed? 

Excellent question! The frequency of changing the litter trays is determined by the number of cats in your household.

Suppose you have one cat. Petsafe recommends you change the litter tray every 20 to 30 days. Every 10 to 15 days for two-cat households and 7 to 10 days for households with three or more cats. 

Please note, you may need to add additional litter between changing the trays to maintain the proper litter depth. Doing so helps your cats use the litter box correctly.

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How Do I Change The Scoop-Free Litter Trays?

Changing the Scoop-free litter trays is easy and quick! Change trays when you notice the waste trap is full, or the Scoop-free litter tray has become saturated with urine.

Remove the cover on the used tray from the litter box and place it in the trash. Then, replace the litter tray with a new one.

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Is Crystal Litter The Only Option For The Scoopfree Litter Box, And Is It Bad For Cats?

Yes, the Scoopfree litter box requires crystal litter to work correctly. Do not use clay or newspaper-based litter because it will cause the Scoopfree automatic litter box to jam and malfunction. 

According to Pet MD, they manufacture most crystal litter from amorphous silica. Note, it is a substance that absorbs urine and odors within seconds of contact with moisture.

The ingredient amorphous silica is non-toxic to cats and humans, so crystal litter should not pose health concerns.

Unlike traditional non-clumping or clay cat litter, silica crystals are dust-free and do not expand when there's contact with moisture. Also, crystal litter will not require you to change the litter box as often as clay or non-clumping varieties.

Most crystal cat litters require the pet parent to scoop the box twice daily and only change the litter box once a month.

Please note these guidelines may vary based on the brand. Always read the directions and follow up with your veterinarian with questions.

Cat litter in a form of quartz pearls

Considerations For Using Crystal Litter With Kittens

Kittens will often eat small amounts of cat litter when they are using the litter box or learning to groom their paws. If a feline ingests enough litter crystals or pebbles, it can cause gastrointestinal issues or death.

If you suspect your cat has eaten any type of litter, immediately get help. Contact your veterinarian for further medical advice and instructions.

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How To Reset The Petsafe Health Counter On The Litter Box?

Resetting the Petsafe health counter is quick and straightforward. Simply press and hold the health counter reset button next to the counter display for 3 seconds.

Or, hold until it resets to zero. Petsafe suggests resetting the counter each time you replace the litter tray to better monitor your cat's health. 

Safety Precautions For Using The Petsafe Litter Box

  • Do not add clay litter to the Scoop-free trays
  • Do not keep the litter box or litter in a bathroom 
  • Only use crystal litter
  • Do not flush crystal litter
  • Make sure the green light is illuminated 
  • Do not leave children unattended with the Petsafe litter box
  • Never submerge in water
  • Do not operate the Petsafe litter box if pregnant

Safety Precautions For Handling Soiled Cat Litter

Never discard used cat litter into a compost bin or tumbler because of the protozoan parasite Toxoplasma gondii present in cat feces.

Toxoplasma will add bacteria to the compost pile, which is harmful to animals and humans in the surrounding environment. 

Woman removing garbage bag full of animal dung from cat litter disposal container

Suggestions For Disposing Of Crystal Cat Litter

Most cat parents love their cats and dislike caring for their litter boxes, especially changing the litter. Thankfully, Petsafe has made that process much simpler.

When it is time to change the Petsafe litter tray, remove the soiled tray from the litter box unit. Place it into a plastic trash bag, tie the bag securely, and toss it into the trash bin.  

In Closing

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