Litter-Robot Showing Yellow Light Flashing – Why and What to Do? [Answered]

Uh oh, your high-tech Litter-Robot is flashing its yellow warning light.

This yellow indicator typically signals an issue needing your attention.

A cat pooping inside an automatic litter box

But what exactly does this light mean, and what should you do?

A blinking yellow light usually means the Litter-Robot waste drawer is full, needs cleaning, or has become clogged.

Let's dig into the common causes and fixes for a blinking yellow light on the Litter Robot.

Why is the Litter-Robot Yellow Indicator Blinking?

The Litter-Robot self-cleans using sensors that detect when cleaning is necessary.

One of these sensors is a blinking yellow indicator light that signals a problem.

According to the manufacturer, the yellow indicator blinking on the Litter Robot could indicate that:

1. The bonnet has been removed. 

The bonnet is the cover that protects the waste port when the Litter-Robot is not in use.

When you remove the bonnet, the yellow indicator light blinks to show that the unit isn't properly sealed.

2. The waste drawer is full. 

The Litter-Robot has a waste drawer that collects the litter after cleaning it.

Newly cleaned cat litter box litter-robot showing yellow light

When the waste drawer is full, the yellow indicator light will blink to indicate that it needs to be emptied.

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3. The litter is too high. 

The Litter-Robot's fill line indicates the maximum amount of litter that should be used.

Newly cleaned litter tray of automatic cat litter box litter-robot showing yellow light

If the litter is too high, the yellow indicator light will blink, signaling improper functioning of the unit.

4. The cat sensor has been activated. 

The Litter-Robot has a cat sensor that detects when a cat is in the unit.

If the cat sensor is activated while the unit is cycling, the yellow indicator light will blink to indicate that the cycle has been interrupted.

5. There is a pinch condition. 

The Litter-Robot has an anti-pinch safety feature that will disable the unit and rapidly blink the yellow indicator light if it detects a cat or other object caught inside.

If you see this, immediately turn off the unit and check for your cat.

If something activates the cat sensor during the unit's cycle, the yellow indicator light blinks, signaling an interrupted cycle.

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Additional Information

If the Litter-Robot powers off, experiences a power outage, or encounters a more serious issue, its yellow indicator light blinks.

cat inside an automatic cat litter box litter-robot showing yellow light

Ideally, the light should automatically turn off once the problem is rectified.

If the light blinks continuously, please reach out to our customer support.

How to Fix or Troubleshoot It

Start by emptying the waste drawer completely to troubleshoot a yellow flashing light.

Then, remove any stuck clumps or debris in the globe or entryway.

Next, distribute the weight evenly across the globe.

Run a manual cycle to test for clogs.

Clean the entire unit using the suggested methods. Reset the device and monitor.

If the issue persists, contact support.

With a bit of periodic maintenance, you can get your Litter-Robot functioning smoothly again.

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Wrapping Up: Navigating the Litter-Robot's Yellow Light

The Litter-Robot's yellow blinking light is its way of signaling a call to action. It serves as a reminder to address certain aspects of its maintenance, ensuring that the device works optimally for your feline friend.

Automatic cat litter, Cat Litter Robot Not Cycling - Why And What To Do? litter-robot showing yellow light

Whether it's a full waste drawer, an improperly sealed unit, or any other potential issue, understanding what this light signifies is key to a hassle-free litter maintenance experience.

By proactively addressing any concerns flagged by this yellow light, you'll ensure that your high-tech litter solution remains a reliable part of your cat care routine.

Remember, always consult the user manual or contact customer support for clarity when in doubt.

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